You’re a business and you probably won’t have the same engagement rates without giving a little context to the photos or videos you post. The problem is, Instagram users don’t go to the platform to read long descriptions . Some bloggers or influencers still manage to use the caption of their posts to micro-blog and get good engagement rates. You should know that only a minority of your subscribers will read the description to the end. In addition, the caption of an Instagram post is limited to 2200 characters. I can tell you that we reach them very quickly as soon as we start writing a little. As a general rule, you should keep the caption of your Instagram post short and punchy .

Write Instagram posts Instagram is an even more laid back platform than Facebook. I was telling you about the user demographics on Facebook. On Instagram, the audience is much younger. According to Malta WhatsApp Number List Omnicore , 59% of Instagram users are between 18 and 29 years old and 33% of users are between 30 and 49 years old. The second difference from Facebook is that Instagram is a much more visual platform . On Instagram, it’s the beautiful, inspiring and edited photos that naturally garner engagement. It is also not abnormal that celebrities post photos on Instagram without writing a caption and still collect 5 million reactions! Of course, these are celebrities who are followed by tens of millions of people.

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Keep in mind that 88% of users access Facebook via their mobile phone or tablet. Even though they get bigger, smartphone screens remain small. Reading a text is less obvious than on a computer. You should take this into account by separating your text into short, spaced paragraphs. Look, for example, at the difference between these 2 publications. On this one, I followed the advice I just presented to you I did the exact opposite on this post The difference is obvious! Fewer people would have bothered to read, that’s for sure. I’m done with Facebook. If you have retained the 5 essential principles for writing a publication on social networks, you just have to apply them also on your next Facebook publications by integrating the codes of the platform.

You can also use the pronouns I or we to make your tone more conversational. Then we can see that Koudetat uses a lot of emojis at the start and end of sentences. Unless you have a good reason not to use emojis, I recommend using them on Facebook. They are part of the codes and the spoken language on the platform. I especially don’t want to force you to use them if they don’t suit your brand tone. At the very least, you could make use of these basic emojis which allow you to humanize your message and transmit primary emotions. Finally, the last thing I notice about this post is that the text contains short paragraphs of 2 or 3 lines maximum for easy reading.

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Remember, the people following you are probably over 25 and those people are going to Facebook for fun too. They don’t just want to learn. Koudetat , a Facebook page dedicated to entrepreneurship, does this very well. The text of their posts always teaches something interesting about entrepreneurship, all in a relaxed and personal style. The video takes care of entertaining us and teaching us something, in less than a minute. Let us dwell for a few seconds on the text of the publication. First, we notice that the company chooses to target its audience. You don’t have to, but you have to recognize that the message seems much more personal. The important thing is to speak to your audience using the pronouns you or you .

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