Weird, but it’s the tough law of the job market. Fortunately, the tools that I had the pleasure to present to you in this article allow you to ” hack” the mastery of his skills.Facebook Live has been around for 4 years now and we can say that it is a great success. Almost 2 billion users , which is almost the entire Facebook community, have seen a live video. 100 million of them participated in a Facebook Live (like, comment or share the show). On Facebook (and elsewhere), you can become a producer of your own show . Until a few years ago, it was unthinkable. Marketers, just like internet users, love live video. According to Facebook , live videos are watched 3 times longer than pre-recorded videos.

I guess within a few months we’ll be able to schedule Instagram Stories from Creator Studio as well, but that’s not yet possible today. 6) Buffer’s Publish We have already seen some pretty interesting tools to Luxembourg Email Addresses create images or videos suitable for social networks. Now it’s time to publish our content! Yes, but the problem is, you have to publish your content on time. And who says you’ll be there at 5:23 p.m. to post your content? On Facebook and Instagram, that’s not a problem. You can easily schedule a post with Creator Studio! This is not the case on Twitter and LinkedIn. That’s why there are awesome tools like Publish from Buffer which allows you to schedule your posts to all your social networks in one platform.

Luxembourg Email Addresses
Luxembourg Email Addresses

Them participated in a Facebook Live

Even if there are specific tools to monitor brand mentions (I will talk about it in the rest of this article), Agorapulse offers a feature that allows you to track all mentions on your brand or that of your competitors. Ideal for thanking all positive mentions on your brand or putting out a fire in case of negative comments or (un) justified complaints. But at what cost ? The first plan starts at 79 € / month (annual payment). With this plan, you have the right to 10 social accounts and 2 users. It is therefore more than enough if you are the community manager of your own company! If you already have several clients or if you are an agency, the Large and X-Large plans are probably more suited to your situation! 8) Feedly Feedly is a free monitoring tool that I use on a daily basis.

In other cases, these mentions can be negative (complaints or attacks). You cannot just sit there and do nothing, but rather listen, take note of remarks and respond diplomatically. Carrying out a digital watch allows you to measure the impact of a marketing campaign. Finally, Mention also allows you to carry out competitive intelligence and monitor what is being said about your competitors to stay one step ahead. In addition to online and social media monitoring, Mention allows you to discover Twitter and Instagram influencers by performing keyword research.

You cannot just sit there and do nothing

Before launching my business (early 2018), I was looking for job offers in digital marketing, and in particular community management. Scrolling through job vacancies was always a great pleasure for me, especially the “skills sought” section. I saw everything: 5 years of experience Proficiency in 4 languages Proficient in Photoshop, Adobe Premier and Illustrator Google certified, Facebook Blueprint, etc. etc. Proficient in SEO (yes, I really read that) Have 3 hands and eyes behind your head (well that was a joke!) In fact, to be a community manager in a business or agency, you have to be a graphic designer, video editor, language teacher and a social media jedi all at the same time.

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