First, allow you to quickly tell you about my crazy story with Facebook. My terrible mishap with Facebook 3 weeks ago, I was launching Facebook Ads Academy , my online Facebook advertising training. So I promoted it with Facebook advertising. I show you a preview of my advertisements. Here is the first And the second Some will say to me Danilo, you use the Facebook brand in your advertising text or you may be manipulating the Facebook brand with the name of your training . You are right. I immediately thought of that when writing my advertisements . After all, it’s an algorithm that examines an advertiser’s advertisements and the advertiser goes on alert whenever an advertisement contains the keyword Facebook.

I realized that I was facing a very big problem that I would not even have imagined in my worst nightmares. So what is the reason that my ad account has been deactivated? I’ll never know, but after doing a Kenya Phone Number List lot of research I made these 3 guesses The same ads were frowned on multiple times in a matter of days Too many ads were disabled in a matter of minutes seconds The landing page was problematic its URL or content I’m pretty sure it’s the 3rd possibility because my unapproved ads all had this error message. So, have I recovered my advertising account? The answer is yes ! I got it back a few days later. But it is not finished … My ad account was deactivated a second time , a few minutes later, when I tried to repost my ads again, removing any mention of Facebook in the ad copy and image.


Facebook Brand In Your Advertising

Learn more about Messenger ads for service businesses, read this article How to Advertise on Messenger Guide and Real-World Examples . Conclusion Facebook is a platform that changes all the time! What was true 3 years ago is no longer true today. For example, buying Facebook fans was surely a good idea 5 years ago, but it is not now. Targeting an audience very precisely was recommended by Facebook a few years ago, it is not so much today! Facebook’s algorithm has gotten so smart. I know that making the decision to invest in Facebook advertising puts you outside your comfort zone. I also know that you hear new things about Facebook advertising every day. Whether true or false, they shape your beliefs. Sometimes these beliefs keep you from moving forward, and sometimes they cause you to make mistakes.

In this article, I have shared with you the 7 myths I hear most often about Facebook advertising and I have proven to you why they are false or unfounded in my opinion.A few weeks ago my Facebook ad account was deactivated and I didn’t see it coming. Normally, we tell ourselves that this kind of thing only happens to others. And yet, when it happens to us and we are completely unable to advertise, we quickly understand that we would have liked to know in advance the solutions to reactivate it very quickly and especially to have a back-up plan. to continue advertising if it is a mistake. This may be your case. Your ad account has been deactivated and you are actively looking for a solution I will give it to you in this article or you just want to know in advance the methods to reactivate it. This is what we will see together in this article.

Promoted It With Facebook Advertising

Most of the time, advertisements that contain this keyword are accepted because it is not prohibited, within certain limits , to use the keywords Facebook or Instagram in an advertisement. Unfortunately, my case is more difficult because I used the keyword several times in my advertisement and the landing page URL, facebook-ads-academy. As you can imagine, these ads were rejected by Facebook. So I appealed through their support and the problem was finally fixed. My ads have been accepted by Facebook support human, live. On April 10 2 days after this 1st incident, I launched my campaign with all my advertisements approved by the Facebook support teams. There were 5 or 6 in all. A few hours later, the drama occurred. My ads were all deactivated within 2-3 minutes and my ad account was deactivated in front of my eyes I saw this message appear in stride.

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