In the screenshot below, we can see the result that emerges in Featured Snippet after performing a voice search “ how to become a vegetarian ”. We can see that the Elle Magazine article does not even rank in the top 10 for this query, but enters the Featured Snippet with well-optimized lists. So, to boost your visibility as much as possible: Pay special attention to creating easy-to-read content Provide short answers to the most common questions Absolutely optimize your site for Featured Snippets I advise you to try the SEMrush tool: Position Tracking , which will help you gain this precious zero position as quickly as possible. At the same time, do not forget the loading speed of your pages and good netlinking, which remain very important factors! Passionate about inbound marketing, events and emotional branding.

Their growth at NUMA in Bangalore, to train around a hundred SMEs in Digital Marketing in France as a Google coach and to join the Indonesia Email List Growth Marketing team of a meditation app in Los Angeles. Today, he is part of the Google Shopping Growth team as a freelance where he is in charge of the development of the affiliate program and he supports the startups of Science Po Paris and Imagination Machine in their Growth Marketing strategy. Also find Pierre on LinkedIn . Pierre Guilbaud Growth Marketing Consultant | Co-Founder La Boite Numérique 9) Marin Lemay “The results of this virtual event? More than 3,500 participants and therefore potential leads, PR spinoffs and great feedback from participants, in addition to the high visibility of the event and of our brand with a strategic target for us. ”

Indonesia Email List
Indonesia Email List

Google Shopping Growth team

Let me explain levers like SEO or social networks are extremely powerful when you have good content and timeless content. In this way, you can capitalize on stable growth curves. To recap, the key combination of web strategy in 2020 in my opinion: Establishment of a media brand Regular creation of multimedia content & timeless content Change of vision website traffic centric VS ecosystem development Focus on webmarketing levers that provide organic growth (ex: SEO and social networks) To go further, go to: E-Commerce Nation Academy , the online training platform dedicated to e-commerce. Register now for the launch webinar #ECNCommunity, a slack dedicated to e-merchants to answer your questions and discuss with your peers Nicolas J. Chevalier is the Founder & Chief Explorer of the E-Commerce Nation.

In other words, a market with already many solid players in place (red ocean), or a virgin market without competitors (blue ocean)? In terms of marketing strategy, this implies that if you are in a blue ocean, it is not necessarily good news, because if there is no one there, maybe for a good reason. On the other hand, if you are in a red ocean, you will have to propose something either divisive, or to target a specific niche not yet addressed. In both cases, it will be necessary to work in depth on the Branding to create adhesion with the audience. Why ? For the Activation, Retention and Recommendation steps. Without strong differentiators, you are doomed to bet everything on Acquisition, which the competition is already doing. 2 – Is your business Vitamin, Pain Killer or Candy type? A Pain Killer, as its name suggests, responds to hardship.

SEO or social networks are extremely

Registration was free, but compulsory, to attend talks and reruns. We were also able to keep an eye on registrations via tracking, and adapt our different acquisition levers to attract as many people as possible on the day. Results ? More than 3,500 participants (and therefore potential leads), PR spinoffs and great feedback from participants, in addition to the high visibility of the event and of our brand with a strategic target for us. We are even thinking of renewing the event this year! You can access the replays on the event website . Marin is Country Manager France at Agorapulse , a French social media management tool to manage your conversations and your publications from a single platform.

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