This second launch was also different from the first in terms of duration. The first lasted 5 days. This lasted a whole week, from Monday to Sunday evening. I sent a dozen emails in total and even hosted an online conference on Thursday, which I had never done before. So what’s the difference with the first launch? The waiting list was three times the size. I inevitably knew it would be more difficult to answer everyone on time. Moreover, I noticed that I barely knew 5% of the new members of the formation, which is very little if I compare with the first launch. So I had less interaction with the new members. I have also sent more emails, especially the last few days, and I think everyone didn’t like it I’m sorry.

Please feel free to show yourself on camera at the start of the conference. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to explicitly communicate the value of your offer. If you had to train each person individually or offer each element of your offer separately, how much would you rate it? The total value of your offer must be at least 5 times the sale price. Of course, I would never have felt legitimate to South Africa Phone Number List give out such numbers and take responsibility for this launch if I hadn’t had real feedback from my first members. I don’t recommend doing all of this right off the bat, but you will inevitably be selling this way if you have a strong confidence in the value of your program. Are there any limits that should not be exceeded?


Understandable In Sound

Among these 25 members, 7 or 8 of them had already called on me for advice almost 13 of the members. I also spoke on the phone or by email with 5 or 6 other members to answer their questions. These people finally joined the training and did not regret it afterwards. In summary, about half of the new members had already had an interaction with me before joining the training. This was my first experience with selling training online and I explained in detail how I sold the training in this blog post . The launch of Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 This year I promoted it again 2 weeks ago, but on a different scale. Things were very different compared to last year I improved the training by listening to my members’ feedback.

I needed to improve it before relaunching I gave it a new name Facebook Ads Academy I improved my offer by emphasizing the supportive community and regular updates I completely revised the structure and design of the training sales page I did a lot more promotion to get more people on the waiting list. This is the big difference compared to the first launch. I was more comfortable promoting it because the training was renewed and the members got results. It’s simple, I was even excited and proud to highlight it with the Facebook ad. I take this opportunity to once again thank all of my clients and readers for taking the time to comment on my work in this post . It touched me very much. In short, I carried out a real marketing campaign.

Adopt A Relaxed Tone

After all, I offered a very nice offer for this launch and it seemed normal to me to call it back. What should you remember about selling online? If you want to sell online while being ethical and honest, I advise you to do regular launches every 3 months or 6 months OR set up an email sales system or organize regular online conferences webinars. It’s up to you to decide which acquisition tunnel you want to set up. What else ? Justify your offer with solid arguments. Add a touch of urgency by limiting the quantity, the level of support, the bonuses attached to the offer or the duration of the price reduction. Bring value with useful and educational emails. Host an online conference to showcase your product service and to engage with your audience.

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