Source: Shopify Now you are probably wondering how to find the answer to these questions. Depending on how well you know your target market, you should have more or less difficulty making educated guesses about your buyer personas . For example, if you yourself were in the same situation as your ideal client and you are THE representation of your ideal client freed from his problems or frustrations, you will obviously have no trouble answering these questions. But, this is rarely the case. While empathizing and making assumptions is a good place to start, you’re going to need to confront those assumptions with reality by performing both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Also, I regularly suggested to my audience to leave a like , ask questions or share the program with expressions like: “If you like this show and would like me to do it more often, share it!” ” “If you have any questions about what Olivier said, don’t hesitate to North Korea Email List ask them in comment, we will try to answer them during the Live or at the end. ” “Thank you all for your feedback and comments, you guys are awesome! ” As you probably know, Facebook’s algorithm favors posts that receive a significant number of signals like sincere comments and shares. If your post gets a lot, chances are Facebook will serve it to more people in your audience. Moreover, today, doing a Facebook Live is perhaps the best way to get visibility for free.

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What position does he or she occupy?

I also modified the description to specify where to find Maria and I added a small question to get feedback on the show. Then, I modified the thumbnail of the video (still image that we see before the video starts). It’s up to you to see if you want to take one of the thumbnails offered by Facebook or add an image that you created upstream (be careful not to have more than 20% of text on the thumbnail image otherwise you will not be able to promote your Facebook Live). Recently, Facebook has introduced a new feature that also allows you to create a clip from your live video . This allows you to reuse that content and repost it on other social media. As soon as you are done making changes to your Facebook Live, simply press the “Save” button to save all your changes.

It’s very accessible, but without a well-established strategy, you risk losing track and doing it all for nothing (or almost – visibility will not finance your growth or your rent unfortunately). If you want to find customers on the Internet, you are going to have to actively seek them out and show them that you exist . The only way to do this is to put in place a profitable digital marketing strategy. You will tell me that it makes sense. A strategy is a precise and detailed plan of actions to be carried out in order to achieve a long-term objective. Yet, according to this Smart Insights study , only 45% of companies surveyed say they do not have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy.

While empathizing and making assumptions

The position : What position does he or she occupy? Salary : In which salary bracket is it? The interests : What magazines or blogs does he read? What websites does he visit? What are his hobbies? What does he like to do with his days? What brands does he like? The challenges and objectives : What are the motivations and objectives of this person? What does she want to accomplish or achieve? Frustrations : What frustrates this person? What is bothering her about her current situation? Buying motivations : What are the reasons that would make him buy your product or service? Objections to the purchase : What are the reasons that could prevent him from purchasing your product or service? Depending on the articles you read, you will find other questions, but the ones I have just provided are more than enough to establish a typical profile of your ideal client.

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