This targeting is quite powerful and allowed us to precisely target our prospects. Another important point that made us choose YouTube instead of Linkedin is the price . Indeed, a click on a Linkedin advertisement costs between 5 and 10 €. Conversely, a 30-second view on a YouTube ad video costs $ 0.02. So we launched YouTube Trueview for action campaigns . These campaigns pre-roll YouTube videos viewed by Internet users. The optimization model is at the target CPA, i.e. we ask the algorithm to maximize the cost per filling of our form by giving it a limit. In our example, we set the CPA at € 25. We have set up the Custom Intent targeting explained above on very specific keywords, such as.

Everyone who has typed the names of our competitors on Google All advertisers wishing to connect to reporting tools such as Datastudio, Lengow or Shoppingfeed Or the advertisers who wanted to connect to Germany Email Database their Google or Facebook Ads interface The campaign results were quite good, especially since, over a month, the operation enabled us to sign a large client and bring back a lot of prospects. In this campaign we tested several variants of videos so as not to tire the audience. Here are the sponsored videos: Variant # 1: Variant # 2: Variant # 3: The video with the best performance in terms of leads is the second video. We plan to continue this operation over the next 3 months. Then, we will change the videos to continue the operation in red thread.

Germany Email Database
Germany Email Database

These campaigns pre-roll YouTube videos

If you want to know more about Splashr feel free to watch our showreel or visit our site . Note from Danilo: I loved the totally different angle of attack of each video. What is also interesting is that for Splashr, it is that signing a single contract with one of these companies allows them to make a strong return on their investments on YouTube, which makes this strategy very profitable in the long term. If not, am I the only one who wants to advertise on YouTube ?! Jérémy Bendayan is the founder of Splashr , a company that wants to revolutionize the video market. At Splashr, we think and create the videos that will feed your media campaigns on social networks in order to maximize your performance (leads, sales, app installation etc…).

Also find Jérémy on LinkedIn ! Jeremy Bendayan Co Founder & COO Splashr 2) Antoine Dalmas “ Facebook is a volume platform ! Think about the exponential results you could achieve by centralizing your entire budget on one campaign. ” As a Facebook & Instagram ad agency, one of our best strategies of the year has undoubtedly been Account Simplification . Powered by Facebook itself, with its POWER5 , this strategy consists of drastically reducing the number of active campaigns on your Ads Manager. Indeed, your costs can be “artificially” affected if you are in the following positions: 1 / More than 5 active advertisements per audience and a “Learning Limited” alert on your sets of advertisements You have too many elements in your campaign for the allocated budget and Facebook is failing to get the algorithm out of its learning: you are not getting the best of its performance.

That signing a single contract

Retargeting campaigns offering different offers to the same audiences. Your delivery costs overlap between campaigns. You pay more for your results because you are competing with yourself. 3 / A budget spread over several campaigns with the same objective Facebook is a volume platform ! Think about the exponential results you could achieve by centralizing your entire budget on one campaign. With this method, you will also have better readability of the account and you will make better decisions. To achieve this, focus your budget on the 3 best campaigns in your account (Acquisition, Retargeting and Notoriety). Then, keep a maximum of 3 audiences and 3 active ads. Do not forget your audience exclusions and monitor the “Learning” of the campaigns. Note from Danilo.

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