This is why I most often select the 3rd option for short videos (less than a minute). For videos that are 1 to 2 minutes long, I like to select the “People who watched at least 50% (or 75%) of your video” option. Usually, people who watch half of a video this length are generally interested (and qualified). That is. After making your choice on the engagement options offered by Facebook, all you have to do is select one or more videos from your Facebook page or your professional Instagram profile. Facebook gives you stats on how many 3 second video views to take your pick. Finally, to finish creating your audience, choose a duration in the past to group together only the people who watched the chosen video (s) during the last x days.

By default, I advise you to choose the “30 days” option. Beyond 30 days, many people will have already forgotten to have seen your video (even if they watched the video for 30 seconds!). For this type of retargeting on Facebook, the Rwanda Email List applications are numerous and will depend on your business objectives. Here are some examples : Launch of a new collection Promotion of new content (videos, blog posts, podcasts) Highlighting publications Promotion of a limited-time offer (e.g .: Black Friday ) Free offer (e.g .: ebook, checklist, etc.) Promotion of a webinar Honestly, I’ve found that video view audiences are less qualitative for selling online, but they can be . Each case is different. It all depends on the videos seen and your offer.

Rwanda Email List
Rwanda Email List

Facebook gives you stats

This retargeting strategy can also be very effective for lead generation as long as your videos educate and make your customers aware of the problems you solve! Conclusion Now you know how to create a profitable Facebook retargeting campaign. Normally, I have given you enough tips for doing Facebook retargeting (even if you are just starting out). And if you already knew most of these strategies and have already applied them, find 7 easy ways to improve your Facebook or Instagram retargeting campaigns (more advanced article). Let’s recap to conclude. Retargeting is nothing more than showing an advertising message to people who have already shown an interest in your brand or one of your offers. To apply it to Facebook, you first need to install the Facebook pixel and then create your custom audiences.

Facebook introduced them in March of 2017 , a few months after the global launch of Instagram Stories (August 2016). At that time, I was already doing Facebook advertising for Ubeeqo and I still remember very well that the only placements available to advertisers were (pretty much): Facebook and Instagram news feeds The right column on Facebook The Audience Network And that’s about it ! The inventory available to insert advertising in the Facebook news feed was already almost full (which means that the cost of advertising on this placement could only increase since the supply remained +/- stable). This was far from the case for the Instagram feed, and even today, in Instagram Stories. To give you a rough idea, there are approximately 2 million active advertisers on Instagram (7 million in total on Facebook and other apps).

Facebook retargeting campaign

I doubt that barely half of them advertise on Instagram Stories on a regular basis (so demand remains limited). Instagram Stories, meanwhile, are booming. In January 2019, Facebook announced that there were already over 500 million active Instagram Stories users (so the supply is huge and growing). Businesses on Instagram also seem to like Stories. 1/3 of the most viewed Instagram Stories were created by an Instagram business profile and 50% of businesses on Instagram have themselves published at least one Instagram Story in a given month. In other words, Instagram Stories are very successful, but there are still few advertisers using them (so you had better do). This can be understood. Ads in Instagram Stories are a different ‘beast’. They require creating creative content that is very different from what we are used to creating.

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