Basic Facebook provides you with the payment method associated with your advertising account, but you can always change it. Finally, all you have to do is click on the blue “Boost” button at the bottom right to boost your Facebook post. Note that your ad will be under review. If it follows Facebook’s advertising rules , it will be approved within 24 hours. Otherwise, you will have to sponsor another! Step 7: Analyze Your Promotion Results At any time, you can analyze the results of your promotion, whether it is running or finished. The objective of this analysis is to measure the real impact of your sponsorship. Was the boost effective? How many people have you reached? How many results did you get?

Analyze the results of your promotion, simply go to the Ads Space on your Facebook Page and choose the ad you want to analyze. Let’s take the third post that I sponsored on a low budget to quickly show you the Slovenia Email List numbers that Facebook gives me next. If I take this ad, I can see that I reached 114 people for € 3.15 spent. I got 103 video views, including 38 ThruPlays (a Thruplay is a full video view if the video is less than 15 seconds or a video view of at least 15 seconds) at a cost of € 0.08 per Thruplay . If I go further down on this window, I can also see a more precise distribution of the results. Of those affected, 52.2% were women and 47.8% were men as you can see in this graph.

Slovenia Email List
Slovenia Email List

And at what cost?

Simply analyzing the results can allow you to measure the real impact of your promotions and see if: One post type works better than another One audience reacts better than another The goal is achieved or not. How much does a video view cost me? An interaction? A click ? A purchase ? It all depends on your goal … Boost a Facebook post in 7 steps: Method # 2 (more efficient) This second method is by far the most efficient. With this we will boost one or more of your Facebook posts, except that we are going to do it from Facebook Ads Manager , and not from your Facebook Page. The Facebook Ads Manager is an interface that allows you to create and manage ads on Facebook and its network of apps (Instagram, Messenger and the Audience Network).

To use it, you just need to create an advertising account . If your advertising account does not exist or is not correctly configured, I invite you to read my guide on the Facebook Business Manager , you should find solutions there Before we start, I am already warning you that the method I am going to present to you is slightly more technical and less intuitive than the first, but at least you can: Refine your targeting Target people who already know you ( ad retargeting ) Analyze even more precisely the impact of your campaign Without further ado, find out how to boost your Facebook posts with the Facebook Ads Manager. Let’s go back to the steps we followed with the first method.

Choose a publication It will go very quickly

Follow the exact same procedure as described for the first method. Step 2: Create the campaign and choose the objective Go to access the Facebook Ads Manager. You should arrive on a page that looks like this. Click on the green “Create” button to start creating your campaign. After clicking on this green button, you should arrive on this page. Pick your goal. Most often, when I boost a post, I choose the “Interactions” objective to generate reactions, comments and shares on your post. If you want to get more traffic to your website with a post from your Facebook Page, there’s nothing stopping you from choosing the “Traffic” goal. And if you want to get more views on your videos, choose “Video Views”.

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