Grant Cardone has various shows that are broadcast live on Facebook Young hustlers Zone Real Estate Investing Made Simple Etc. Eurosport also goes live every Wednesday at 1 p.m. to present Wednesday Mercato. It is often the same journalist, Martin Mosnier, who hosts the show. Clearly, Eurosport stands out from other media and sports news relay by taking the time to comment live on hot football news. Obviously, I am not telling you that you will have to do 3 Facebook Live shows per week! But, why not make a weekly appointment with your audience? As we have seen, it could be a Facebook Live that lasts 20 minutes, a Facebook Live Q&A, or a pre-recorded video in which you teach your audience something. If you decide to do an episodic show in video format, much like a TV show, Mari Smith recommends staying live for 18 to 22 minutes .

It also includes the creation of landing pages and other things The problem with MailChimp is that it remains limited in terms of automation and segmentation scenarios when compared to more advanced solutions on the market like Active Campaign , ConvertKit , Drip or Keap formerly Infusionsoft. To come back to my story, I decided to migrate to Martinique Email List Active Campaign in early 2019 and it was a real headache because I had to Migrate my email list and keep the same segmentation within my contacts Reproduce all my automated sequences Recreate a new email template Update all forms on my site! This job would have taken even longer if I had to do it today. So, if there is one lesson I learned that day, it is that it is better to choose the right tool directly and not to change afterwards.

Marshall Islands Email List
Marshall Islands Email List

The problem with Mail Chimp

Jay Shetty , one of the most well-known content creators on Facebook, posts over 10 posts per day! Almost all of his posts are for the sole purpose of inspiring you to become a better version of yourself. Mari Smith , a Facebook marketer, is more likely to post useful and practical content because her audience seeks to be educated or kept up to date on best practices for success on Facebook. It’s true that I just showed you examples of popular Facebook Pages, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get such results too. As Buffer explains, this type of content is achievable by all brands. All you need is a clear understanding of what people are looking for on social media and more specifically your target audience and how you can deliver the content they are looking for on a regular basis.

In this screenshot, we can see that the average time spent watching the video is only 11 seconds on Facebook the analyzed video has a duration of 8 min 45 seconds. And yet… On YouTube, retention is over 50% ! On average, users watch the program for 4 minutes and 36 seconds. Video news media like Brut mainly create a buzz by posting short videos that are barely 5 minutes long, most often 2 or 3 minutes. Very often, these are videos that talk about innovative concepts, current events in the world, well-known personalities… In short, inspiring or educational videos for everyone. Other Facebook Pages play on our desire to improve our lives with the acquisition of new practical knowledge.

Practices for success on Facebook

To go further, you can also download the video from Facebook live and repost it on YouTube to benefit from searches on YouTube. 4 episodic content The most successful creators on Facebook won’t tell you otherwise! To retain your audience, you need to have episodic content, usually in the form of video, live or not. Jay Shetty, Jasmine Star, Neil Patel, Lewis Howes, Grant Cardone all produce episodic content at least once a week. Neil Patel for example publishes 3 video content every week on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. With his flawless consistency, I know in advance that he will publish these 3 videos on these very specific dates. Jasmine Star answers questions from her audience once a week, on the same day too, and she takes the opportunity to teach them something about using social networks .

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