Like I was telling you, don’t expect to get a 100% response rate when sending these kinds of emails because you won’t. You increase your chances of getting a response if the influencer sees who you are because you’ve already commented or shared their posts, but rejection is, anyway, inevitable. It will be necessary to accept that certain influencers are not interested or that they did not appreciate your approach. After all, they get partnership proposals every day! This is why you should not hesitate to send a follow-up by email or to resubmit your idea of partnership through another communication channel. Don’t give up so quickly. 2) The connection Networkers who read me will quickly find out where I’m going. The connection consists in identifying the people who are part of the influencer network (people he already knows) and proposing a connection between you and the influencer.

This implies that you know at least one person who knows the influencer themselves… and who would of course be open to establishing initial contact with the influencer. Generally, the approach is done in 2 stages. You first ask the person in relation with the influencer if the latter would be open to collaborating on such and such a case. If the answer is yes, then you ask the person to Czech Republic Email List connect you with the influencer. The advantage of this strategy is that you are introduced by someone you trust the influencer , which increases your chances of getting a favorable response. Let me give you an example. I am part of the steering committee of a conference which will be held in Paris in a few months. For this conference, the organizers are looking for speakers .

Czech Republic Email List
Czech Republic Email List

That they did not appreciate your approach

Rather than approaching the experts head-on and offering them a conference, the organizers have chosen the approach of networking. Among the responsibilities of the members of the conference steering committee, we are responsible for proposing conference ideas on specific themes to members of our network. If the expert opens the door, we establish a relationship between the organizer and the speaker . The same approach can be transposed for any partnership with an influencer or an expert. You just need to identify a potential partnership, someone you have in common with the influencer and ask for a match. As an alternative to this strategy, you can also quote the name of the person you both know . It’s a great way to make a personal connection, other than just enjoying the influencer work.

This is what I did when I suggested to Alexis Chevallier (whom I did not know) to participate in my last article on marketing strategies . The simple fact that Alexis Chevallier and I had knowledge in common immediately increased my chances of obtaining a favorable response from him! After all, how could I have known that Alexis Minchella knows Alexis Chevallier very well? 3) ask for advice The next 3 methods that I will present to you are rather indirect , that is to say that you will not seek directly to establish any partnership with the influencer, but rather to establish a relationship of trust with this person. After all, we tend to associate with people we know and love. Personally, I spend a lot of time building contacts and relationships with other influencers and digital marketing experts.

A relationship between the organizer

I don’t necessarily have a partnership to offer them, but I know that the day I do have one, they will be more inclined to give me a favorable answer since we already know each other. The interesting thing about influencers and experts is that they are ALL willing to give advice because they were newbies and strangers themselves when they started their journey. Few of them forget it. Contacting an influencer or expert to ask for advice is a great way to make a first contact. The problem, as you can see, is that influencers already receive tons of simplistic requests and questions that they have already answered a thousand times. To stand out, therefore, do NOT ask questions that the expert or influencer has answered time and time again.

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