Open it and hit the “Publish” button to get started. This window will then appear and all you have to do is click on “Live video”. Step 2: Authorize access to your camera and microphone Facebook will ask you to access your mic and camera the first time you use the live video feature. Facebook will not ask you again afterwards. Step 3: Write a compelling description After giving the access to Facebook, you should see yourself on the screen. Facebook also offers to write a description. Ideally, your description should describe the event or the next episode of your show (if you choose to create a weekly live show). Here’s an engaging description example for a Facebook Live show: If you are commenting on exceptional news, briefly mention in the description what happened and the added value you will add.

Facebook will ask you for permission to use your computer’s camera and microphone. Step 3: Prepare your Live and tap “Live Stream” to begin ! If you manage several Pages, be sure to select the right Page. Then you can specify a description and a Nepal Email List title for your Facebook Live. You can also click on “Share screen” to share your screen, but if you do, you will not be able to change the view during the live, which is a shame (therefore no one will see you). Step 4: Stop live streaming Did you say goodbye to the participants? Now click on the red “Stop Live Video” button at the bottom right of your screen. It’s up to you whether you want to keep your video or delete it forever (I don’t recommend it).

Nepal Email List
Nepal Email List

You should see yourself on the screen

Think about all of that before you do your next Facebook Live show. If that helps, I’ve listed a few ideas and formats I’ve thought of for your next show: Interview an expert or an influencer Present a new product Show product design live Give tutorials / advice to use your products or master a skill Talk about a trendy topic that directly concerns your industry ( newsjacking ) Create a weekly show (introduce a topic and then answer questions) Do a Live Q&A (prepare a few questions that you can answer) Offer a guided tour of your business 4) Live stream your video for at least 10 minutes As soon as you start streaming your video live on Facebook, you slowly but surely appear in users’ news feed.

Perform tests with the “Me only” feature of your profile As you might expect, I didn’t actually go Live for the sake of this article. In fact, I did a Facebook Live on my own… How? ‘Or’ What ? It’s simple, I went to my Facebook profile and activated the “Me only” setting so that my next post was only visible to me. I then launched a live video the same way I showed you. If this is your first time doing a Facebook Live, I advise you to do some tests in private mode . This will allow you to relax a bit before the big moment and test the quality of the video or sound. 7) Prepare before going live on Facebook Live video is much different from pre-recorded video.

Then launched a live video the same way I showed you

For each error, a few notes and examples will suffice to give me ideas during the Live. A script is unnecessary of course, but a guideline remains important. 8) be yourself and not be afraid to make mistakes Authenticity is what makes Live so popular with Internet users. Your fans want to know your personality or the culture of your business. For this reason, Live is a fantastic opportunity to show off your personality traits. Do you like to laugh? Show your audience your special sense of humor. Do you like telling stories? Spice up your Live with fresh anecdotes! Is your office a little messy? It doesn’t matter, everything doesn’t have to be perfect! Obviously, do a little tidying up, but don’t try to make it seem like the real thing is wrong. And if you’re afraid of making mistakes, that’s okay because you’re going to make some anyway.

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