Thanks to surveys, social communities or even comments left by Internet users, you will already be able to better understand what your target audience WANTS and what causes them problems. Then your job is to produce content FOR this audience and not for yourself. 4 You don’t adapt to changes in social networks Social networks are changing all the time! As a result, you must constantly keep yourself abreast of their development , the conclusions of new studies on the subject and the best practices to apply. In other words, you need to challenge yourself every quarter at least on The type of content that is best to publish The frequency of publication Your editorial line And even social networks where you should be more or less present! Let’s take an example. 5 years ago, Facebook was very different from what it is now.

All you had to do was post links to your site, a few quotes, and post memes multiple times a day to be successful on the platform. I’m extrapolating a bit, but it was clearly easier than now. Recently, Buzzsumo Benin WhatsApp Number List analyzed. social media posts and they noticed that in 2018, ‘link’ type posts that link to an article or site outside of Facebook got the most reach and engagement. lower ! What experts say really works on Facebook today are posts where you ask a question and videos. Questions are so important to getting your audience to leave comments Facebook wants users to engage in conversations. Personally, I almost always ask a question at the end of every post and sometimes even in my ads.

Because Each Social Platform Is Different

If you’re curious, the videos that work best on Facebook according to Mari Smith are Short videos in square format between 30 and 60 seconds Videos of 3 to 5 minutes face-to-face, vlogs, etc. The Facebook lives I gave you the example of Facebook because it’s the social network I know best! Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and all the other social networks are changing all the time too. The only way to see these changes coming is to keep up to date by reading industry blogs and setting up experiments based on what you learn by doing your research. This is what I do all the time so as not to be overwhelmed by events – To make your watch, I advise you to limit yourself to 2 or 3 blogs including at least one media.

I like to educate myself by reading BDM media and the Buffer , Later and Social Media Examiner blogs . By reading these blogs for a few minutes a day, I can keep up to date with the latest news and best practices in social media marketing. I use Feedly to keep up to date with all media and blogs even those of my competitors! In one place. Mine looks like this. Fortunately, Feedly is free! When you have a minute, go create an account and don’t forget to add my blog to your favorites 5 You publish the same content on all social platforms Imagine a world in which you would just have to post something on Facebook and then copy and paste to post it to Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest as well.

Facebook Because It’s The Social Network

Everything would go so fast to post on social networks. In addition, there are dozens of tools to schedule a post on multiple social networks at the same time. You could do that… but that would be a big mistake! Why ? Because each social platform is different . The culture, the habits, the content that is appreciated, the good practices… Everything is different from one social network to another. The language spoken on each platform is very different and if you don’t take this into account when posting, you are missing out on opportunities to grow your community… and your income. Let’s take some examples so that you can better understand. On Instagram, people don’t go there to read long texts.

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