Take the example of a camera. You have a camera model in mind. You do a search on Amazon and you come across this page. You notice that Amazon offers you different versions of the product: The basic version The basic version + 32 GB memory card The basic version + 64 GB memory card The casual photographer will tend to take the basic version, while a more experienced and demanding photographer will tend to take the camera with the larger memory to store more photos. It all depends on the person and their need. You also notice that Amazon offers complementary offers to the camera (cross-sell), such as photo editing software and gift options. It is not finished ! If you scroll down, Amazon will offer to compare your choice with other “similar items”. Yet another more subtle upsell strategy. The ready-to-wear websites all have one thing in common.

Go to Zalando and go to any product page. There you will see recommendations made for you. These recommendations are personalized based on what you’re currently watching and what you’ve already purchased to bring you the Chile Email List items you’re most likely to like. It is difficult to say if these offers are upsells or cross-sells (it all depends on the price and the recommended products), but the principle is the same in all cases: to increase your average shopping cart. When it comes to recommended products, a study by PredictiveIntent observes that upselling is 20 times more effective than cross-selling when you offer similar products, but at a more expensive price than what the Internet user is looking at. This graph shows us that more expensive products generate 4% more sales, while cross-sells generate only 0.2% more sales.

Chile Email List
Chile Email List

They always have recommendations for you

These results are counterintuitive, but prove that some clients are more sophisticated and demanding. They are willing to pay more for a product that offers higher (perceived) value. The study also suggests adding customer reviews (in the form of ratings) just below the price of recommended products, in order to increase conversion rates. Back to Zalando. On the Zalando product pages you will also see an interesting section: “Complete your look”. There is no doubt that the offers offered in addition to the polo shirt are additional sales. In addition to the blue polo shirt, I can buy the matching white pants, and the matching shoes. On some sites, these offers are positioned differently, in particular with catchphrases such as “Other people also bought…” or “Popular items”. At first glance, we could say to ourselves: what is the relationship with me?

This is the finesse of these expressions, they exploit a key principle of persuasion: social proof . If other people have bought them, it’s probably because these offers are worth it, so we better take advantage of them too! Believe me. If a company like Amazon cross-sells this way for certain products like books or clothing, it’s not for nothing. It’s the formalization that triggers the most clicks and sales! 2) Add upsells and cross-sells on the “cart” and payment pages Once a person adds a product to the cart and initiates a purchase, adding more products to the cart becomes easier and easier. That’s why when someone is getting ready to make a purchase, it’s a great time to pitch your upsell and cross-sell offers. The good news is that you have several opportunities to position your offers.

This is the finesse of these expressions

Immediately after a click on the button “add to cart” On the shopping cart page On the payment page The cart page is where you rate added products, sizes, and prices. The payment page is the page where you add your mailing address and payment information before pressing the “confirm order” button! We will see how to make the most of these contact points to offer upsells and cross-sells. Let’s look at real cases together. Fitbit offers you its best recommendations (cross-sells) from the moment you add a product to the cart. Depending on the product you add to the cart, these recommendations will be different. Since all occasions are good for upselling , you will find other recommendations on the cart page, just below the amount of your order. In certain sectors such as footwear, traders offer cleaning products in addition to your pair of shoes.

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