Algorithmic penalties are not a topic I like to trivialize, which is why the case study I’m about to share with you is different from most you’ve read before. This case study is a testament to the faith and hard work of my agency, The Search Initiative, in light of a huge shift in the SEO landscape. Unfortunately, with basic algorithmic updates, you can’t just tweak a few things and expect immediate ranking recovery. Doing the right things and staying ahead of the game can put your site in position for huge gains when deploying an algorithm. Others succeed in live traffic experiments.

The Challenge the Devaluation of the Medical Algorithm

I want to start this case study by taking you back to its origins. There was a big algorithm update on august 1, 2018. Many seos called it a “medical update” because it targeted a huge number of health and medical related sites. Some of them were only conceptual and proved to be algorithmically Singapore Phone Number  inefficient. Therefore, they never progressed to the next testing stages. 44,155 side-by-side experiences : that’s the number of tests they ran through their search quality raters. The sqr team examines search results from old and new algorithms side by side. Their main task is to evaluate the quality of the received results, which, in turn, evaluates the algorithm change. Some changes are rolled back at this point.

Google Releases Algorithm Improvements Every Day Major Updates

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Considering everything said above, Google releases algo improvements practically every day. 3,234 releases per year 365 days per year  8.86 algo changes per day! They also confirmed that they roll out base quality updates several times a year During this period, rankings usually fluctuate and eventually stabilize. As in the screenshot below Deployment of the algo in our rankings Many SEOs myself included think that during the high fluctuation phase, Google adjusts the changes they just put in place. First, you add all the ingredients, add some spices and cook for some time. Finally, you settle down with the taste you like. I’ve never really cooked soup other than ramen, so hopefully that analogy makes sense.


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