Maybe you’ve even tried it before and didn’t get the results you hoped for. And it’s not that bad! I completely missed my first campaigns because I didn’t know what I was doing. I already had some technical skills related to Facebook advertising, but wasn’t sure how to effectively use Facebook advertising goals to achieve my own goals. Understand me. For 6 months, I used the same campaign objective Conversions when I worked on the Facebook ads for Ubeeqo, my first and last employer. So when I was confronted with myself and the 11 Facebook ad campaign goals, I was a bit lost pretty much everyone I have to say!. The reality is, Facebook advertising isn’t just about creating conversion campaigns and waiting for people to hit the Buy button on your website. It goes much further than that. Facebook is a discovery platform , not a marketplace .

So you need a sales page and visitors traffic to that sales page. In this case, which objective do you choose between Traffic and Conversions see table ? Many are wrong and choose the traffic objective. I know because I made the same mistakes. Both traffic and conversions goals send traffic to a web page, but the two are different in terms of optimization. The traffic objective is simply used to Gibraltar Email List send traffic to a web page . Nothing more. Facebook will optimize the delivery of your ads to get people to click on your ad and come to your website. It won’t necessarily be people who convert later. On the other hand, the conversion objective allows you to create ads that encourage people to take a specific action on your landing page, such as making,.

Gibraltar Email List
Gibraltar Email List

Facebook advertising isn’t just about creating

After selecting the interactions objective, the first step is to define your audiences . Having tested dozens of them over the past 12 months, I selected these 4 audiences for my interaction campaigns Fans of my Facebook Page Active newsletter subscribers and customers People who have interacted with my Instagram posts in the past 180 days Website visitors by time spent in the last 180 days 25%, 10% or 5% – depends on how many visitors you have This is what it looks like in my Facebook Ads Manager. Then comes the question of the budget. It of course depends on how much money you are willing to invest each month in Facebook advertising discussed in point 1 of this article .

If you are launching a product, you can use campaigns with the Conversions objective to offer to join a waiting list before the product is released. That’s what Gretta Van Riel does. Lately, if you have a Newsletter , it is always interesting to offer a guide or a checklist in exchange for subscribing to your Newsletter. Facebook advertising is very effective in attracting new subscribers to a Newsletter at the lowest cost generally below 1 or 2 € depending on your sector of activity. Harvest new users This ad from AdEspresso offers me a free trial of its Facebook campaign management software. This is probably an advertisement that targets people who inquired about the software by targeting the pricing page . To sell products It is the one that we find most often. For example, there is this advertisement from TOMS.

Facebook Page Active newsletter subscribers

You will often see this error on Facebook. There are those who think that you can sell expensive products or services to strangers on Facebook. It can work of course, but it’s still a bad way to use Facebook advertising when you know that barely 3% of people are willing to buy in a given market. The best way to sell on Facebook is to target people who already know you, especially those who have viewed your product or service pages. It is well known that we buy products after having been exposed to them several times. Hence the effectiveness of advertising retargeting. We have all already looked at a product on a site like Zalando so as not to buy it right away, and a few minutes later see advertisements for the same product all over the web.

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