Respect the 8020 ratio Did I tell you about my biggest mistake with email marketing? The biggest mistake I made was NOT to sell right away. For over a year, I sent emails promoting my free content, without ever . Sell my services Sell coaching And my future online training I just thought I was smarter than the others. I figured that by providing free content every week while others were selling their expertise to their email list, I was going to get better results the day I was finally going to sell. The problem is, that day has come too late. My newsletter subscribers must have thought that I had nothing to sell or that I was afraid. In fact, I already had something to sell my services, but I was afraid to promote them.

I was afraid of being judged and I was even more afraid of losing subscribers. After launching my first digital product, Facebook Ads Academy, I was a little disappointed with the results I’ll explain the whole story in this article . The first version of the Mongolia Email List Facebook Ads Academy sales page I expected much better considering that I had given without expecting anything in return for over a year. After the launch, I understood the causes of my failure. My subscribers were taken cold . I gave them too much value so that they wondered if there was a real interest in paying for my training since I was already giving everything on my blog. This is still the case today, except now I have found a balance between sharing value for free and selling.

Mongolia Email List
Mongolia Email List

You about my biggest mistake with email marketing?

I simply apply the Pareto rule to offer 80% of the time of the value in articles or tips to my followers and promote what I have to promote 20% of the time. In the end, I learned that I can give value, but also receive it through the sale of my training or my services. I had already understood that to earn money, it is above all necessary to create value, desire and a need in my prospect. Only, I was only doing that. I was never in a sales logic. This is why my email marketing strategy was doomed to fail. To establish a good emailing strategy, give 80% of the time and ask sell promote 20% of the time.

Note for an e-commerce site, it is obvious that your Newsletters will be focused on promoting new products, exclusive deals or promos, except that your subscribers have signed up for THIS reason. 5 There is a winning formula for writing any email Over time, I have learned to structure my emails ALWAYS the same way. It’s time to share with you this winning formula for writing any email, whether it’s for free content, simple advice, or selling! The idea of this formula is to divide your email and its subject into 3 sub-parts The first part of your email is to grab attention and excite the reader. This is the role of the subject and the first lines of your email the hook The second part of your email is intended to educate .

Winning formula for writing any email Over time

Often times you will educate through a story, a series of lessons and advice. The third and final part of your email is intended to trigger an action a click or a response. Remember that for each email, you should have a single call to action Take the example of one of my weekly Newsletters. The subject of the email and the catchphrase capture attention. Their only goal is for the reader to open my email and start reading the first few lines. By claiming that I have written about 150 blog posts and almost a thousand social media posts, I want him to say to himself Wow, this email looks really interesting to me! I want to continue reading to know what I will get out of it .

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