Bolt trained irregularly with Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund. before arriving in Australia . where he made his debut on August 31 in another preseason game. He spent 20 minutes on the field of play and could not convert a goal. It is very difficult (impossible. let’s say) for Bolt to transfer his unbeaten track record to the football field. That domain that placed him in the eye of many brands. including Virgin Media. who made him his ambassador. However. the Central Coast Mariners do not need much from the Jamaican. the Australian championship is not one of the most competitive in the world. It is enough for them to have a Bolt who can play a few minutes per game and. surely. they will recover any investment they make with a brand image. In addition to being a benchmark for speed.

Bolt has great engagement with the public. In 2017. he was among the top 10 highest-paid Algeria whatsapp number list athletes with more than $34 million. according to Forbes . He achieved alliances with brands such as Puma. Gatorade. Nissan and Konami. During the transfer market. the hiring of midfielder Arturo Vidal by Barcelona left some doubts among the fans since. although the quality of the Chilean is not in question. his personality was a factor that was talked about among the followers. and the sports press of Catalonia. And it seems that this factor has become relevant in the dressing room of the Blaugrana team; According to reports from the newspaper Sport.

But Mexico Knew How

The moment that Vidal lives in the locker room is not at all encouraging and the situation has permeated among the “heavyweights” of the Catalan bench. According to reports. the relationship between Messi. Suárez. Coutinho and the technical director himself. Ernesto Valverde. with the South American player has been broken; This has been made evident in various ways. the main one being a series of posts on social networks where the player’s discontent for not being an undisputed starter has been made clear. These events. in the first instance. led to the participation of Guillermo Amor. director of institutional relations for the team. as well as Pep Segura. general manager of the Barça club. who initially downplayed the Chilean’s reactions.

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Due to the fact that the team’s main objective is to win the Champions League. the need to have a united and focused team is essential to achieve the objective; especially when in the last three editions they have been eliminated in the quarterfinals and that in those same ones. their staunch rival was crowned champion. it is essential to achieve the task. That is why the situation in their internal environment is an important issue to be resolved. since the fact that these types of topics. which. due to the magnitude they have been gaining. left the dressing room. generate a feeling of discomfort On the part of the fan. some of them have even spoken out against the midfielder on social networks. through ridicule and criticism. which shows that the fans are also divided.

The Argentine Seems

The sports broadcasting business moves millions around the world and Argentina is no exception. The games of the National Team. but especially those of the local clubs. attract millions of spectators. The transmissions of the matches of the First. Division (now called the Superliga). until 2016 were free through analog. TV channels under the Football for All system. Since last year. the Argentine Soccer Association (AFA) has sold the rights to two American companies: Fox and Turner . Fox and Turner agreed to the contract by winning the bidding against the. Catalan company Mediapro and ESPN andoffering a global investment of US$ 2.000 million for. A five-year contract (with an option for another five).

The business is potentially multi-million dollar if one. Takes into account that among all the categories of the AFA. More than 5.000 matches are played per year. In this context. the novelty is the enabling from this weekend of ” Google Soccer “. They’re not live streams of the games. But they are one way Alphabet tries to be a major player in the sports marketing business. “Follow the game. even when you can’t see it. Now you can accompany your team in real time on Google. During the game you have the option to follow the result and. Always leave it on the screen of your cell phone. “explains Google. It is the same service that it offers on its real-time tracking website. but now. from smartphones.

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