This is the case with Intercom, one of the best known solutions, but which starts at $ 87 per month . Fortunately, if you want a powerful (and free) solution, you’re going to like the solution I’m going to give you. I’m talking of course about the Chat Messenger widget. We saw at the beginning of this article that you can configure an FAQ on Messenger. This way, the person who wants to contact you on Messenger also sees the possibility of clicking on one of the questions frequently asked to your company. The Chat Messenger widget, on the other hand, will allow a user of your website to initiate a conversation with you on Messenger. Isn’t that fantastic? The second good news is that the Chat Messenger widget is very easy to install! You just have to go to your Facebook Page settings and go to your email settings.

Scroll down and go to the option “Add Messenger to your website”. Click on the “Start” button. You should see this window appear. This is where you can customize the message that will entice your site visitors to write to you. The second step is to Tunisia WhatsApp Number List personalize your widget with your brand colors. The last step is where you will install the widget on your website. Make sure to add any areas where the widget will be displayed. You can choose to install the code yourself on the pages of your choice on your website (in WordPress, there is a plugin that does this for you). Otherwise, you can always email the instructions to your developer. Personally, I use the Chat Messenger Widget on my online training sales pages to provide additional help to those who are interested in my training.

Reminders and follow-up messages to people who have made an appointment with your business Recently, Facebook has offered the possibility to Facebook Pages to configure an appointment booking system fully integrated into Facebook and Instagram. Any user can make an appointment with your business, without even leaving Facebook. This feature has a lot of potential for companies that offer services that require an appointment to be made in advance, such as hair salons, beauty centers, spas, etc. Let me quickly show you how to activate this feature. I will then show you when Messenger comes into the process of making an appointment on Facebook.

Activate the appointment setting, all you have to do is modify the call to action button on your Page and choose the “Book” button. Click on “Next” and then on “Go to Facebook”. Facebook should then offer to set up your free scheduler. The setup is pretty quick. First, Facebook will ask you to add to your calendar the days and times for which you want to schedule appointments regularly. You can also synchronize your Google calendar with the Facebook calendar . Once activated, users will be able to make an appointment by clicking on the “Book” button on your Facebook page and then choose a date for the appointment.  This is where Messenger comes in.

You can configure Messenger to automatically send a reminder message the day before the appointment and a follow-up message after the appointment (whenever you want). For example, if I was the owner of a hair salon, I would automatically send a follow-up to anyone who made an appointment for a hairstyle through my Facebook page. In this example, I programmed my reminder to be automatically sent 3 weeks after the appointment. The relaunch options natively offered by Facebook are not yet very extensive, but I’m sure they will improve in the months and years to come … Conclusion You have just discovered 5 features and tools to communicate with your customers using Facebook Messenger.

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