The CRM that installs in 25 seconds, but saves you 124 hours per year The CRM that installs in seconds, but saves you a lot of time You better understand the persuasive power of numbers now. If you reread my examples again, you will also see that the language that is used is simple and straightforward. I remember that at school, we had to write essays with nice transitions like however, nevertheless, etc. and use complicated words. I wasn’t very good at it. If you want to be good at copywriting and web writing, you literally have to unlearn the academic writing you were taught and write that way . When you do copywriting, what really matters is the clarity of your message, not the number of words or the vocabulary used.

Your goal is to convince , not to please the reader with searched words! 5 talk to the reader I have used the pronouns you, your and yours hundreds of times in this article. You is a very powerful word. By using it, you are addressing the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Email Lists reader directly logical, I know!. On the contrary, the words we and we are more selfish. By using them, you are not talking to the reader. You talk about yourself. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them because your writing should stay conversational. But, you have to keep a good balance between the use of I and you. The hard truth is that the people who listen to or read you don’t give a damn about your business. What interests them is what you can give them.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Email Lists
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Email Lists

How can you improve their life?

At the end of the day, in business, it’s the customer that matters. This is why the word you is very powerful and should be found more often in your copywriting . It didn’t take long for you to find a good illustration on this point by going back to the Macbook Pro sales page on the Apple site. Watch how many times Apple has spoken to you in describing the Touch Bar. Try to re-read this text without the pronouns you, you will notice that this description of the Touch Bar is not that interesting after all.There are a thousand and one ways to write Facebook ads. You can write very short or longer hooks. You can tell stories in your own ads. You can start your hook with a question or a statement.

How you write your ads, your goal is always the same to get the most clicks for your budget. From experience, I can tell you that the targeting of your campaigns is no longer the most important lever to optimize your advertising campaigns. It is advertising in itself that is, and in particular Its creative content The text the angle of approach, the induced emotions, the benefits Internet users click on an advertisement because it promises them the resolution of an urgent problem or to fulfill an important desire for them . Not true ? Emotions make us react. Believe me, you’d better understand how to talk to your customers and tell them what they want to hear so that you can hope to get their attention and interest. It is an art. In this article, I’ve looked at 3 brands that have mastered the art of writing attention-grabbing, action-driven ads.

The benefits Internet users click on an advertisement

These companies invest tens of thousands of dollars in Facebook advertising every month, and I’m going to show you what you can learn from their ads. 1 Write Facebook ads like King Kong King Kong is a full service digital agency that operates mainly in Australia. I discovered this agency a few months ago. Frankly, I was blown away by their marketing and branding that literally leaks from their website. Their marketing is well established. Sometimes a little aggressive. But, what is certain is that it is effective . On Facebook, King Kong probably spends tens of thousands of dollars a month! The Facebook ad library shows me that the agency currently runs 151 different ads … in Australia alone. As you might expect, the reason I chose this example is because their Facebook ads are really well written and quite creative, I have to say.

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