This is because it is a primary skill when doing digital marketing. Let’s face it, digital marketers write a lot of text, including Ads on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc. Blog posts Sales pages A web page it doesn’t matter which one Headlines for articles, advertisements, email subjects, etc. In all of these cases, you need copywriting. But, what exactly is copywriting ? I’ll give you a definition that I found on the Hubspot blog and found to be excellent. Copywriting is the words marketers use, written or spoken, to persuade people to take action after reading or listening to them. The idea, then, is to be persuasive enough in writing or orally so that people who read or hear your words take action .

Interesting. What do I mean by take an action or take action? It can be a lot of things. For example, when I send an email to my Newsletter subscribers to present my new blog post, I try to be as persuasive as possible so that the person reading my email is like, I want to Micronesia Email List read this article or I have to click on this link to find out more . Ditto when you write an advertisement . You want the person who hears or reads it to want to click on the link or go to your store to buy your products, like this advertisement . I’ll explain to you later in this article why I liked this ad! The is everywhere and that’s what I’ll show you in this article through some examples.

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Micronesia Email List

what exactly is copy writing ?

I will also tell you about the 2 most famous formulas and how you can use them, whatever text you want to write. Then, I’ll show you how you can use to increase your sales on your website or ads. The 2 most famous formulas Copywriters are the highest paid copywriters in the world, according to. Why ? Because the ultimate goal of their job is to write words that sell! So it makes sense that they are paid very well. was also one of the skills of the best advertisers in the world at the time, such as David Ogilvy and Gary Halbert . Thanks to their experience, these copywriters have developed formulas for us to apply to be persuasive even if you know little or nothing about it. Do you remember your math lessons at school? We were taught formulas to solve all kinds of equations.

Then, we just had to apply them to any problem to be able theoretically to find the solution. Here it is exactly the same. I am going to show you the 2 most famous formulas that you will only have to apply on your own writings. These are also two techniques that I teach in my training . Of course, you’ll have to practice a lot to use them well, but it’s well worth it. Persuasion is an art and I wish you could use it too. Formula 1 NOT The PAS formula is surely the most popular formula in copywriting and the easiest to use. PAS is an English acronym for Problem, Agitate and Solve. I will describe it to you first and then I will give you some examples. Problem First, you need to identify a problem your audience is facing and then describe it .

Copywriters are the highest paid copywriters

It is a very powerful persuasion technique because just reading or hearing our problems puts us on high alert. Who doesn’t want to solve their problems? For this, you must know the problems of your target customer before you want to describe them. The better you can describe this problem precisely, the more the reader will feel that you understand it. This is very important to gain his confidence from the first moments and make him want to read more. Here is an example of the formula for a vacation rental comparator Finding the perfect hotel for your vacation is harder than it looks. The Internet is supposed to have made it easier for us, but in the end it’s just the opposite.

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