What does it really mean? We can’t tell. Most people don’t even know how many songs you can put in a 1GB and neither do I!. Shouldn’t you be talking about the features though? You have to talk about it , but always highlight the benefit of each feature. If you go to the MacBook Pro sales page , you’ll see that Apple is highlighting everything great about the new Mac Lightness. The new revolutionary bar, I named Touch Bar. The breathtaking graphics. Processors that consume little. The brightest and most colorful screen ever on a Mac laptop. Etc. Of course, you’ll see on this page that Apple talks about the features, but it’s the benefits that are highlighted with bold headlines, images, etc.

First you read the title and subtitle to get an idea of the usefulness and benefit of the Shows, i.e. sunglasses that snappy and allow you to capture and share precious moments with your point of view . Then you watch the Sao Tome and Principe Email List video that lets you imagine yourself using the Spectacles. 3 Respond to objections I learned this lesson by following Neil Patel’s advice . Here is what he says You don’t have to be the best copywriter to be a good copywriter . A good copywriter is one who knows how to respond to the objections of his clients . If your web page, advertisement or sales email is able to answer all the objections your potential customers may have, your conversions will explode! What do I mean by answer objections? Explained simply, objections are the doubts you have before you take out your credit card.

Sao Tome and Principe Email List
Sao Tome and Principe Email List

You be talking about the features though?

Write clear titles I have already shown you several examples where titles come into play In your advertisements. In the subject of your emails. In your value proposition. Etc. Titles are very important in your copywriting. In fact, Copyblogger claims that 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but only 2 in 10 people will click on it. The primary role of your headline is to grab the reader’s attention and encourage them to read what follows. But here is the problem. Today our attention span is limited to 8 seconds. This attention span is even lower than that of a goldfish , which tops out at 9 seconds. Your title must therefore be clear easy to understand and translate the benefit of your solution instantly.

How you write your ads, your goal is always the same to get the most clicks for your budget. From experience, I can tell you that the targeting of your campaigns is no longer the most important lever to optimize your advertising campaigns. It is advertising in itself that is, and in particular Its creative content The text the angle of approach, the induced emotions, the benefits Internet users click on an advertisement because it promises them the resolution of an urgent problem or to fulfill an important desire for them . Not true ? Emotions make us react. Believe me, you’d better understand how to talk to your customers and tell them what they want to hear so that you can hope to get their attention and interest. It is an art. In this article, I’ve looked at 3 brands that have mastered the art of writing attention-grabbing, action-driven ads.

The benefits Internet users click on an advertisement

So what can you learn to write YOUR own Facebook ads? Tip 1 Mention your audience Your target customer sees Facebook ads all day long, whether it’s on their phone in the morning or on the computer during the day. You have to get his attention. To attract attention, there are a thousand and one methods, including this one directly mention your audience in the text of the advertisement. Take this advertisement, which is a perfect example. Who is she talking to ? To people doing Facebook marketing ! It’s not very hard to guess because, from the first line, King Kong has been very clear about who is in the best interests of reading his post. If you target a very specific category of people, you can definitely show them that you are talking to them! On the other hand, avoid questions like Are you a 30-year-old woman.

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