Tip 6 The urgency More often used on pure sales pages, urgency is a formidable lever to incite action. And I can tell you that it really works! We have this natural tendency to buy when an offer is or becomes time-limited. Why do you think clothing stores always make excuses for promotions? To create that sense of urgency, you can Offer time-limited promotions Announce that a product is limited in quantity this is what Amazon does for example. Ex . more than 3 items in stock Neil Patel did this very well with his webinar. Watch the countdown at the top of this page. It naturally grabs your attention and prompts you to participate before it’s too late. Tip 7 Optimize your page for mobile Mobile use has exploded in recent years .

This is because companies like Unbounce or Airbnb are constantly testing their value proposition, the images used on their landing pages, the text of the call-to-action button, etc. Why ? Because every small increase in their conversion rate represents tens of thousands of dollars in more revenue . If you decide to jump into A B testing well done!, Here’s what I recommend you do 1 Test one item at a Austria WhatsApp Number List time It’s a golden rule. The only way to determine what works and what doesn’t is to test a single item. If you are testing two or more at the same time, how can you tell what caused your conversion rate to increase or decrease? 2 don’t test just anything It is best to start with Title and subtitle value proposition Image or video The call to action button size color text.

Use The Aida Formula To Write Impactful Text

Tip 5 Social proof I could not do without mentioning it one of the 6 principles of influence taken directly from the book Influence and manipulation by Robert Cialdini which I also summarized in this article . The social proof is the tendency we have to adopt the same behavior as our neighbors , in an inherent need for conformity. You have the choice between two restaurants, one filled with people and the other empty like the Sahara. Which one do you choose? Of course, you’ll go to the former, because when a lot of people are doing something, it is assumed to be the right thing to do. I’m not drawing you a picture. Using social proof on your landing pages is essential.

Because there is a good chance that visitors to your landing pages do not know you yet. Would you give your contact information to someone you didn’t know from Eve or Adam and whom you didn’t especially trust? Some will, but one thing is for sure adding customer testimonials will go a long way in boosting your conversion rates. This is the most common example of the use of social proof. Very effective in B2B, you can list the companies with which you have worked or collaborated, as Sprout Social does so well . Customer stories work very well on product pages as well as on the Starttherightbusiness page . One of the best places to put a call to action is right there below testimonials from clients or companies you’ve worked with.

Increase Advertising Memorization

Your visitors are more and more there and it would be a shame to lose visitors because your pages look bad on mobile or are too slow to load. Remember this a slow site = a low conversion rate! In a study, Amazon found that every time a visitor waits 0.1 seconds longer on their site, their revenue drops by 1% ! We are talking about billions here. Of course, you are not Amazon, but this study shows that you shouldn’t neglect mobile. To go further, read this article I wrote to optimize any page of your website for a mobile ! Tip 8 Do A B Tests Chances are, if you google the examples I showed you in this article. Chances are, you won’t see the exact same thing as me.

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