work for us Small note it is thanks to the Facebook pixel and the installation of conversion tracking that Facebook is able to give me these figures, as explained in the 2nd step of configuring our campaign!. Finally, we can see the budget spent, the number of people reached and the number of impressions for each audience. We could go even further by focusing on one of the audiences and analyzing the results by advertisement if I test several. Do you remember my 3 advertisements? In this screenshot, you can see that the video ad has given us a lower cost per download than the picture ads. We can also notice that the quality scores are very good for the image above the average and slightly less good for the video interaction and conversion rate in the average. These metrics tell me what to do to improve my current ads.

Then, we just had to apply them to any problem to be able theoretically to Pitcairn Email List find the solution. Here it is exactly the same. I am going to show you the 2 most famous formulas that you will only have to apply on your own writings. These are also two techniques that I teach in my training . Of course, you’ll have to practice a lot to use them well, but it’s well worth it. Persuasion is an art and I wish you could use it too. Formula 1 NOT The PAS formula is surely the most popular formula in copywriting and the easiest to use. PAS is an English acronym for Problem, Agitate and Solve. I will describe it to you first and then I will give you some examples. Problem First, you need to identify a problem your audience is facing and then describe it .

Pitcairn Email List
Pitcairn Email List

The audiences and analyzing the results

You can also use the PAS formula in your emails to make your readers salivate, like Marie Forleo does . This formula is great for its flexibility. You can use it literally in any context In your emails To introduce your blog posts or videos. On your home page or sales pages On your landing pages In your Facebook ads it’s rarer, but I’ve seen it before . The secret to being successful with the PAS formula is to accurately describe the problem and stir it around so that the person wants to know your solution. The more you practice the PAS formula, the better you will master it. Formula 2 AIDA AIDA is an acronym for A for Attention capture the person’s attention obvious, I know!. I for Interest arouse interest with facts, statements, etc.

Like any good advertisement, it contains a clearly defined call to action the pink Take advantage button! Are your Facebook advertising campaigns perfectly optimized ? Let’s talk 30 minutes on the phone Our team analyzes the status of your campaigns based on 7 criteria You receive strategic recommendations with the 5 most urgent areas for improvement to optimize your spending BOOK A CALL How to increase your sales with copywriting? Formulas are good, but they are not everything. There are a few more tips I would like to present to you so that you can become a better copywriter. Remember, copywriting is the art of persuading with words. On the Internet, you have to be persuasive all the time. Do you sell products or services on the Internet? Great, but it will take a lot for a stranger to buy you something.

Facebook advertising campaigns perfectly optimized ?

If you can clearly articulate the benefits of your solution i.e. your offer, you will gain the attention of your target customer, as long as those benefits are important to them. You have to see your solution product solution as a BIG benefit that improves the lives of your customers and that solution itself encompasses several sub-benefits . These small benefits, you have to highlight them, as Uber did on this page . How do you go about it in practice? Start by making a list of all the functionalities or characteristics of your solution. This job should only take you a few minutes because you know your product service inside out. Not true ? Then, next to each feature, list the underlying profit. The idea is that by writing down each of the benefits of your product service.

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