This of course requires knowledge technical and practical combined with a good marketer mind. Good news, there are many tools that allow businesses to leverage social media, SEO, and email marketing. With some technical knowledge, anyone can use them to Do keyword research SEO Schedule Newsletters email marketing Create visuals and illustrations for social networks Do a competitive analysis Format web pages and analyze the performance of a website In this article, I’m going to share with you my 10 favorite tools that I use every day to manage my online presence. I do not know anything in technique and yet, I know how to use these tools. So why not you ? You may be familiar with one or two of these tools. Others may be new to you. In any case, be sure of one thing.

By combining these 10 tools, you will be fully able to manage your online presence and generate qualified leads through your website or social networks. You just need to use these 10 tools that I will present to you. 1 Buffer’s Publish Publish is Buffer’s tool that allows you to UAE Mobile Number Database schedule your publications on all your social networks in a single platform. Buffer is also one of my favorite web tools, maybe even the one that I prefer among all the tools that I am going to present to you, because it is extremely easy to use. And in addition, it is not limited at all in free version unlike its competitors. Thanks to Buffer, you can schedule your content months in advance, at the time you want.

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With some technical knowledge

In the free version, you can program up to 10 publications and you are entitled to 3 social accounts. The paid version starts at $ 15 per month and offers the possibility of managing 8 social accounts perfect if you are a solopreneur. This time you are entitled to 10 social accounts in total profiles, pages or groups. If you are an agency, business plans will obviously be more interesting for you. Let’s see how it works. For each social network, you can establish a calendar choose the hours and days for which you want your posts to be published. As you can see, I don’t have a preference for hours on Twitter. It’s the same calendar every day I left the default calendar. As soon as I add a post in my queue list of posts to publish.

It will be posted at the next scheduled time in my calendar. The feature of Buffer Publish that I like the most is without a doubt their Chrome extension . It allows you to add content that you liked on the web to your tail . For example, if I enjoy a blog post so much that I share it on my social accounts, I can do it with one click for all my social networks! As you can see, I can add whatever description I want for each social network! It’s that simple and you can choose to add it to your queue, schedule it for the next time on your calendar, or share it now. Alternatives Hootsuite and Agorapulse . Are your Facebook advertising campaigns perfectly optimized ?

This time you are entitled to 10 social accounts

Let’s talk 30 minutes on the phone Our team analyzes the status of your campaigns based on 7 criteria You receive strategic recommendations with the 5 most urgent areas for improvement to optimize your spending BOOK A CALL 2 Ubersuggest After Buffer, Ubersuggest is my second favorite tool and one of the most useful for me. If I had to describe Ubersuggest in a few words, I would tell you that it is the ultimate tool for content marketing and SEO. And I’m telling you straight away. It’s completely free for now. So what does it do? Basically, it had only one functionality find long tail keywords from a keyword. For example, if I search for the keyword digital marketing, Ubersuggest will suggest several long-tail keywords like Digital marketing master Digital marketing training Digital marketing definition Etc.

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