LinkedIn The Stories Instagram the podcasts I even talked about a few of these channels in a recent article on digital marketing opportunities . This is the third lesson I wanted to share with you. This year, I revised my priorities by deciding to focus my energy and my efforts in content creation on LinkedIn because it is the most interesting platform for me in terms of visibility and prospecting! It took me several months to realize it . Maybe IGTV will be more interesting for you, or podcasts are worth exploring. Just understand that the best content creators know how to spot trends and exploit them while there is still time! Each year, new opportunities emerge.  Even if you don’t feel experienced enough to spot these trends, other experts will do it for you.

You just have to listen to them and judge for yourself if they are right do some tests!. Access exclusive marketing strategies Join the Newsletter and access more than 10 guides, checklists and strategies on digital marketing that Lesotho Email List are not present on this blog. Votre prénom Votre email I accept the privacy policy JOIN 20,000+ SUBSCRIBERS One-click unsubscribe. Lesson 4 Content is NOT king Remember what Bill Gates said in 1996 Content is King It might have been true 20 years ago, but it isn’t now. There is already a lot TOO MUCH content on the Internet. It is even suffocating. Personally, I almost feel discouraged from consuming all the content I see happening on YouTube, Feedly, or my podcast app. No, we don’t need more content.

Lesotho Email List
Lesotho Email List

You just have to enter them when they arise

We need less content, but better content less is more . You might remember that I wrote this on my blog before. If so, you already know what I’m going to say when I say great content. Quality content is content that educates, inspires or entertains… Even that is not enough! Content creators are much more experienced than before and today, one-of-a-kind content is going to stand out. Original content and never seen elsewhere. When I started blogging, my first posts were clearly inspired by other posts I had read on other blogs. Of course, this is not a crime or a lack of professionalism. Let’s be honest, all content creators already do this. They consume the same sources, take what interests them, give their own examples and feedback.

This is already good enough to appropriate a subject and deserve some shares on social networks. When I think about it, the first people who read my content appreciated the fact that I add my personal touch, elements of my personality and little anecdotes to each article .Unfortunately, Internet users are starting to understand that content creators repeat themselves, copy each other and seek their information from the same sources. It is for this reason that I started to write articles much more original and unique in their kind than when I started. For example, my article on 7 Lessons to Learn from Apple’s Marketing Strategy is unique. No blogger or YouTube has dealt with this topic the way I have addressed it, although there are already articles that talk about Apple marketing. The article received 223 shares on social media.

Original content and never seen elsewhere

I also talked about the 3 Secrets of Profitable Facebook Advertising Campaigns ! Another article which is only taken from my own experience. This article also worked very well with 429 shares. It is quite possible to write an article based on other sources or studies, and give a unique opinion. This is what I did when I argued about the ideal frequency of posting on Facebook . I cited the best studies, shared their findings, and ended up giving a thoughtful opinion on what is best to do with those findings. Quite the opposite of other bloggers who simply translate the studies they have read . The article received 356 shares! I stop talking about myself now. Make way for other content creators. Earlier, I quoted Alexis Minchella’s Tribu Indé podcast.

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