The title you see in large format presents the customer benefit of Wi-Fi and 4G speeds being connected to the Internet wherever you are. The description supports the title’s promise by justifying the speed of Wi-Fi on the iPad and the ability to enable 4G. Apple adds another layer by telling you that you can enjoy data plans directly from your iPad, anywhere in the world. Another customer benefit! Bottom Line The reality is, you don’t want to buy a new mattress, what you really need is a good night’s sleep! Marketers and sellers need to stop selling their customers what their products do, and instead sell what their products will allow them to do . 3 Sell the Why People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do what you do.

This is the theory of Simon Sinek , author and speaker on leadership. During his TED Talk How great leaders inspire action , Simon Sinek introduced the Golden Circle, a concept that explains how leaders and inspired companies communicate a message. Sinek explains that you can communicate a message in 2 ways Starting from the What, what most managers and companies do Indonesia Phone Number List Starting from the Why Watch this TED Talk afterwards when you have time! This is what Apple is doing. Apple starts its marketing message with the Why. Apple sells its brand to you, not its product.


How does Apple do it?

Let’s talk about it with the help of the Golden Circle. The Golden Circle breaks down into 3 layers What All organizations, businesses and people know what they are doing, this is Simon Sinek’s What . How Some of them know how they do it, it’s the value proposition that sets them apart from other competitors, the How . Why However, very few of them know why they do what they do, the Why . The Why is why you do what you do. Simon Sinek explains that the Why is in no way linked to profit which is a result! The real Why is defined by your cause or your reason for being. Why does your organization exist? Why do you get up in the morning? Why should the world care about what you are doing? Simon Sinek explains that most marketing messages start with the What.

The example of Simon Sinek is quite telling. Car salespeople always start their sales pitch by telling us what they’re selling, nice cars with great gas mileage. Does that remind you of something? They then explain the how. This is where they will rely on the differentiating elements of their car In addition, we have an integrated GPS and Bluetooth! . And their Why goes like this Buy our cars to make a good first impression and protect your family. Leaders communicate their message from the center of the Golden Circle. They start with the Why and end with the What. If Apple were like all businesses and other sellers, their marketing message would look like this We make great computers.

What They have a clean design

Easy to use and user-friendly How Do you want to buy one? Apple does just the opposite and begins with the Why. Here’s what his marketing message looks like, as described by Simon Sinek In everything we do, we challenge the status quo. We believe in what we do and in a different way of thinking Why How do we challenge the status quo? We challenge it by creating products with a beautiful design, easy to use and user-friendly. How We have the chance to make beautiful computers, do you want to buy one? What And if you think this is just an unproven theory, Simon Sinek rightly explains that by starting your post with the Why and the How, you are directly addressing the part of the brain related to decision making. and our behaviors the limbic system, at the center of emotional decisions.

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