You can do this through customer surveys , polls or a live chat on your website. You can also use a little more old-school methods of simply having a one-to-one chat with your potential customers on the phone or by email. Ask questions. Get to know them. Find out what doubts they have about you or your products. For example, my first clients doubted hiring me because of my young age. One way for me to respond to this objection was to simply share my results, offer free strategies over the phone, conduct a free audit, etc. Anything that other consultants or agencies didn’t do… true story It can therefore be concluded that responding to objections is simply a matter of providing solutions or answering questions that your potential customers have.

To do this, you can Offer guarantees The 30-day money-back guarantee is a great way to address the main objection your prospects have the lack of confidence in the usefulness of your products in their life. You can also do like Shopify and offer a Saint Helena Email List free trial for 14 or 30 days no credit card required!. And don’t tell me Yes, but I sell my services. It works for you too! Offer your services free of charge for 30 days or offer a guarantee of results within 3 months if you are really competent, you will have no problem offering this kind of guarantee. Display testimonials The testimonials are very powerful To tell stories. To communicate some of the benefits of your products services on the lives of other people.

Saint Helena Email List
Saint Helena Email List

Which title do you think is more impactful?

To answer objections using the words of your satisfied customers. Write an FAQ The Frequently Asked Questions FAQ is the safest place on your page to put the most common questions = objections. As I said, answering objections is simply answering questions . On the Become a Host page of the Airbnb website , you will see that Airbnb responds to objections in 2 ways. First with the section We are there for you. Normal that Airbnb talks to you a lot about security in this section of the page, you entrust your accommodation to strangers . Right below there is an FAQ section where Airbnb answers the most burning questions of its future hosts. At all times, you must be able to respond to objections. Always think about it when writing a sales page .

Write clear titles I have already shown you several examples where titles come into play In your advertisements. In the subject of your emails. In your value proposition. Etc. Titles are very important in your copywriting. In fact, Copyblogger claims that 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but only 2 in 10 people will click on it. The primary role of your headline is to grab the reader’s attention and encourage them to read what follows. But here is the problem. Today our attention span is limited to 8 seconds. This attention span is even lower than that of a goldfish , which tops out at 9 seconds. Your title must therefore be clear easy to understand and translate the benefit of your solution instantly.

You entrust your accommodation to strangers

The best way to make your title clearer is to simply use numbers. Read the headline of Drivy’s Facebook ad . Rent your car and earn up to 150 € rental week. Drivy is not telling me that I will be able to make money by renting my car from their service. They tell me I can earn up to € 150 per rental week. It’s much clearer to me. This ad would be much less powerful if Drivy had just written Make money with your car. In addition to clarifying your titles, the numbers have another power of persuasion that of allowing the reader to better visualize the benefits of your solution on himself. Hubspot got it all in writing this ad.

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