Only in this way can financial success be achieved naturally and automatically. 45. The executive to the minute. Ken Blanchard This book explains a new method for learning effective business management techniques. In addition. the book proposes exercises to achieve different tasks such as reaching a goal in one minute. recognitions of one minute. and even scoldings of one minute. 46. Tribus. Seth Godin Yet another book by this great marketing expert. According to Godin. a tribe is “any group of people. large or small. connected with each other. with a leader and an idea”. What do you want to be: the leader of these tribes. or one more sheep of the flock?

ways to motivate others. Steve Chandler and Scott Richardson This book teaches us strategies to make quick decisions and succeed in communication. He Croatia whatsapp number list explains the importance of keeping the mind focused on customer service. leaving behind the manipulation and persuasion that are often used in sales techniques. 48. Coaching. John Whitmore The author shows several keys to be a good leader and to be effective working in a team. A good coach must know different techniques to unleash the potential of other people. teach them to direct others and treat their relationships to achieve success. 49. Little capitalist pig. Sofia Macias If you think you still don’t know how to save. spend and invest your money. you should read this book.

Experience The Author

The author explains the best tools to manage personal finances and thus distribute profits better. even if she is inexperienced in economics. 50. The art of making money. mario borghino It is a complete manual that explains how to control money. without it controlling you. It teaches how the monetary world really works. how to stop the urge to spend it on things that are not necessary. and how to invest to get more money. The secrets of word of mouth marketing. George Silverman Word of mouth is still the leading marketing strategy. With this book you will learn to detect who your target audience is and how to conquer it so that it speaks positively about your product. 52. The discipline of entrepreneurship. Bill Aulet This book explains that entrepreneurship is also learned.

Croatia whatsapp number list

but it takes much more than good ideas. The author describes 24 steps to be able to launch products to the market in a more efficient way. 53. Creativity SA Amy Wallace This book. written by the co-founder of Pixar Animation. collects the teachings of creativity from one of the most successful companies in the history of cinema. How is the creative culture of a company built? How do big companies manage to innovate and stand out from the rest? 54. Creating innovators. Tony Wagner This book teaches teachers. and by extension entrepreneurs as mentors to their own employees or other entrepreneurs. how to learn how to learn. how to teach themselves. how to solve problems.

A Coffee Into An Extraordinary

Meditation for busy people. In conclusion, Tips to get rid of stress. OSHO Sometimes it’s hard to sit back and relax. This book offers us countless tips and meditation formulas to apply in everyday life. Fundamental to overcome the usual stress of entrepreneurs. 56. Innovation. entrepreneurship and sustainability. In conclusion, Elvia Aguilar Sanders This work is aimed at students who wish to immerse themselves in the world of. It deals with issues of innovation. sustainability. creativity and technology. among many others essential to starting a business. 57. The world’s greatest salesman. Og Mandino Another classic of sales and motivation. with millions of copies sold worldwide.

A simple and brief book that holds great. In conclusion, wisdom for those who read it carefully. 58. Expertology: The science of becoming a reference professional. Andres Perez Ortega The objective of the book is to turn the reader into the reference specialist in his field of action. The author teaches how to design your own positioning plan to become a relevant. reliable. well-known and recognized professional. 59. Super professional. Alfonso Alcantara Continuing with the theme of improving job skills. the mission of this book is to help professionals. managers and entrepreneurs to be more productive and social in order to connect with their clients and find new opportunities. also on the Internet.

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