We also see that LinkedIn brings me more and more traffic. I also spend more and more time there. Also, I see that Subscribers and Hellobar are contributing well to my site traffic! I will tell you about these 2 tools after Often times, I do the comparison month by month to see the increases and decreases. This way I can readjust what isn’t working and spend more time on what is already working like Google. I took a simple case to understand, but know that you can do even more analysis by analyzing the origin of traffic for each page of your website. 6 SEMrush Currently, SEMrush is probably the best competitive analysis tool on the market. In any case, this is the reputation that SEMrush has made over the years.

I already told you about Ubersuggest which offers quite extensive possibilities to analyze the SEO strategy of a company, but it is nothing compared to what SEMrush allows to do. SEMrush obviously allows you to discover at a glance the traffic, keywords, backlinks and the most visited pages of your competitors like Ubersuggest. However, it also allows you to discover paid ads on Google from a Australia Mobile Number Database competitor, both on the search network text ads at the top of search results and on display banners. To give you an example, I analyzed the Nike website. We note that the main paying competitors of Nike are Sarenza, Spshoe. All sites that I can analyze as well. I can also see ALL of a competitor’s ads and the keywords they paid for.


What is already working like Google

In other words, you are able to know the keywords your competitors are paying for as well as the paid traffic generated by those keywords I’ll let you imagine the usefulness of this information. I was telling you that we can see what a competitor’s display ads look like . Here too, you can use this information to give inspiration to the graphic designer responsible for making your ads. SEMrush doesn’t stop at Google, it also integrates the social component. With its Social Media Tracker tool, you can compare the number of subscribers and the engagement you have with your competitors SEMrush will even suggest competitors. In this example, we notice that I don’t have a lot of subscribers compared to my competitors, but I am in 2nd position if we look at the total engagement on the publications.

Proof that the number of subscribers no longer matters on social networks ! You are going to tell me that it is not that useful to know where you are compared to a competitor. With the Top Content report, you can find out which publications have obtained the most interactions or the highest engagement rate during a given period, for a particular competitor or all competitors combined. This information is obviously of enormous value when we know how much social platforms like Facebook or Instagram reward Pages that produce engaging content. So how much does SEMrush cost? You guessed it, SEMrush is not free! It costs $ 99 month, but it’s definitely worth using it if you’re investing your time and money in SEO and SEA. Note that SEMrush offers a somewhat limited freemium version, but useful for getting familiar with the tool.

This information is obviously of enormous

Alternatives Ubersuggest , SpyFu . 7 Subscribers You probably know this statistic 98% of visitors to a website leave it without converting buying or leaving their contact details 🙁 In this article, I talked about email marketing to continue communicating with those who already know you customers, newsletter subscribers. Did you know that there is another much easier and faster way to communicate with people who already know you? These are the push notifications. On a web browser, you can set up such an alert using a tool like Subscribers . When the user clicks on the Allow button, the site owner can then send them push notifications. I know you already know the notifications from your smartphone. On the computer, push notifications look like this. Those of Subscribers integrate perfectly with Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

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