This is already good enough to appropriate a subject and deserve some shares on social networks. When I think about it, the first people who read my content appreciated the fact that I add my personal touch, elements of my personality and little anecdotes to each article .Unfortunately, Internet users are starting to understand that content creators repeat themselves, copy each other and seek their information from the Macedonia Email List same sources. It is for this reason that I started to write articles much more original and unique in their kind than when I started. For example, my article on 7 Lessons to Learn from Apple’s Marketing Strategy is unique. No blogger or YouTube has dealt with this topic the way I have addressed it, although there are already articles that talk about Apple marketing. The article received 223 shares on social media.

There are still 2 weeks, I had an abnormally high number of unsubscribes to my Newsletter following the announcement of a new online training . I even received personalized messages in addition to unsubscribing not the same values! . It’s true, I am a nasty salesperson who only thinks of getting rich at the expense of others! Ramit Sethi , one of the pioneers in selling digital products, explains the criticism he received when he sold his first ebook worth $ 10. In the end, Ramit became a real expert at selling digital products without looking like a dream seller. Having sold my first online training courses, I know that the transition between free and paid content is not easy for a content creator and his community. It will always take time for the most skeptical to understand you.

Macedonia Email List
Macedonia Email List

Dserve some shares on social networks

In addition, generally, it allows you to maintain your positions on Google. If you find it hard to believe me, believe the results of this content marketing study by Neil Patel instead . In total, his team surveyed 183 companies that do content marketing and generate at least $ 5 million in revenue. Read this graph carefully. On this graph, we see that updating the content allows these companies to gain more traffic than increasing the frequency of publication blog more !! Yes, you read that correctly, working less gives you more results . What about social networks? On social networks, the situation is different when it comes to content recycling. Social networks are flow platforms . The contents have a limited lifespan generally one or more days depending on the platform. Every day, new content is produced and distributed on these platforms.

Buffer and BuzzSumo together analyzed over 777 million Facebook posts to determine exactly what influences interactions on Facebook, including type of post, time of post, essence of post, and more. The results are quite interesting. I suggest that you come back to the major conclusions. 1 The best types of Facebook posts Unsurprisingly, video dominates on Facebook and this trend is not about to end. Posts with a video receive an average of 59% more interactions than other types of posts . We also notice that questions and posts with an image give interesting results when compared to posts that contain a link to a website and those that offer discount coupons. Videos offer the best results on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean you should post them every day, especially if you’re a VSE or SME.

Working less gives you more results

This makes sense because the consumption of content on Facebook is passive and the attention of users in the news feed is very limited. After all, we all have a tendency to scroll through our news feed mechanically, and it takes a lot for us to stop for more than a minute on a post. On Facebook or Instagram, it’s your media video, image or infographic that says the most, not necessarily the text of the post. Please note The length of your texts depends on your sector of activity and your audience. Personally, I have accustomed my audience to long and detailed texts. My audience reacts very well to this type of post, but we’ll talk about it in a few moments. 3 The optimal length of a Facebook video On YouTube, we know that long videos tend to generate more views . On Facebook, it’s totally the opposite.

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