It consists of choosing between 2 email subjects. Scenario I just wrote an email about automating Facebook targeting . I wrote 2 subjects for this email, but I don’t know which one to choose. Just tell me which of these 2 email subjects makes you want to open my email the most 1 – Automate your Facebook targeting with similar audiences 2 – A little known method to automate your Facebook targeting Chances are, you picked the second email subject line because it does NOT tell you the solution directly. The first email subject line promises a clear and direct benefit automating your Facebook targeting with lookalike audiences. The second email subject line promises you a profit, but it doesn’t directly tell you how to get it. If you already knew about lookalike audiences Probably not.

Teaser naturally in the body of the text If you are more experienced, you can tease your content naturally, like in this example. If you read these few lines, you can see that I teased every sentence 3 brands that . There is a lot to Morocco Email List learn from copywriting their ads . and how to apply them Of course, you don’t have to tease as much as I do. If that doesn’t suit you or your brand, then don’t. One last thing. If you regularly send emails or if you do marketing automation , I advise you to build a logical sequence between each email. The idea behind this strategy is to tease the next email, much like the directors of the shows you watch on Netflix. You can do this in 2 ways Talk openly about your next email.

Morocco Email List
Morocco Email List

Your Facebook targeting Chances

Note for an e-commerce site, it is obvious that your Newsletters will be focused on promoting new products, exclusive deals or promos, except that your subscribers have signed up for THIS reason. 5 There is a winning formula for writing any email Over time, I have learned to structure my emails ALWAYS the same way. It’s time to share with you this winning formula for writing any email, whether it’s for free content, simple advice, or selling! The idea of this formula is to divide your email and its subject into 3 sub-parts The first part of your email is to grab attention and excite the reader. This is the role of the subject and the first lines of your email the hook The second part of your email is intended to educate .

Besides, he notices that other people aren’t either. Gmail wants to protect YOU. Let me explain it to you another way so that you can fully understand. If as the sender you send 100 emails and only 2 out of 100 people open your emails, email service providers like Gmail will quickly categorize you as a spammer. As a result, your deliverability rate will drop . A greater proportion of your emails will not reach the main inbox of your subscribers. They will end up more in the Spam or Promotion folder. To avoid this, you need to clean your email list so that it is healthy. The goal is NOT to have thousands of subscribers who don’t read your emails, but rather to have a quality list whose members interact with your emails.

Newsletters will be focused on promoting new products

I recognize that it’s never easy to hit the Delete button, but I know that’s how I will continue to be viewed favorably by Gmail and other email service providers. And there is one last thing I learned about unsubscribes. Over time, you will notice more and more unsubscribes and slight unsubscribe complaints as your email list grows. This is perfectly normal. The majority of unsubscribes mean I’m not interested or now is not the time. They also tell you that your emails are polarizing enough that there are people out there who think your content is just not made for them. And it’s much better that way. A normal churn rate is between 0.2 and 0.5% . Personally, I have rarely observed a rate higher than 0.5%, even for my most polarizing or selling emails!

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