SEO is more than a marketing fad. It is a necessity for online exposure in 2019. It is through search engine optimization that you stay competitive in your industry. There is a constant fight for SEO supremacy. But the means by Japan Phone Number which you reach the top of the search engine mountain varies from year to year. If you’ve managed to claim first-page exposure in the SERPS, you can’t rest on your laurels and expect to get away with it. A change to Google’s search algorithm could plunge you into obscurity overnight. And make no mistake, Google’s algorithm changes often and in extreme ways (think last year’s mobile-first index or Rank Brain before). If you are not aware of its evolution, you risk being left in the dust.

User Intent

One of the keys to any SEO strategy in 2019 is having a good understanding of user intent. By that I mean you need to know what your audience is looking for. To get started, you need to understand simple things like the platform your primary audience is looking to use. Are they more desktop oriented? Do they like mobile platforms such as cell phones and tablets? Would they prefer a regular website, accessible through a web browser, or are they looking for standalone apps? What about the type of content they want to see? Do they want text? The sound? Video? The way you primarily communicate with your target audience should match their wants and needs.

Beyond Google

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Likewise, it’s important to understand what your audience expects to see when they search. Specifically, you need to understand what questions they are most likely to ask platforms like Google. You need to provide the answers to their questions in a way that’s simple, effective, and relevant to the experience they prefer. Audience identity and intent are critical to your success in any SEO. Even perfectly optimized content is useless when designed with the wrong audience in mind. You might have a lot of eyes on your site, but none of them will convert into profitable businesses unless you personalize the user experience.

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