The future war will be between uber and kuaidi. Japan phone number Uber is going inward to snatch the chinese market. And kuaidi is going out to internationalize. This will be the melody of the competition between the two in the future. After uber cooperates with baidu, it can make use of the latter’s mobile products, such  as maps, wallets, o2o merchant resources, etc. However, kuaidi’s internationalization is nowhere to be found. After all, ali and tencent’s Japan phone number own internationalization is still a big problem. Kuaidi and uber are racing for an ipo, but they tell different stories. Uber is clearly bigger and has a higher valuation. Looking at bat’s competitive strategy from the merger of kuaidi baidu is stronger than search. Alibaba is stronger than e-commerce, and tencent is stronger than social networking.

In the Wild Era Japan phone number

Baidu wanted to do e-commerce and  social networking. Japan phone number Ali wanted to do search and social networking, and tencent wanted to play e-commerce and search. They both want to get into each other’s territory, but it’s not easy to find out in the end. Enterprises have genes, and if they work in unfamiliar business areas. The chance of success will be very small. Later, bat clarified its position and established a strategy for investing in the main Japan phone number business. Even zhou hongyi, who wanted to do everything. Finally understood the importance of focusing. And announced that 360 would return to safety. Former baidu vice president tang hesong was in charge of baidu’s strategic investment and m&a business.

Driven by Tang  Japan phone number

Japan phone number

Hong, baidu has invested in and acquired  many star startups. Such as 91 wireless, qunar, iqiyi, pps, etc. These investments are large and concentrated, Japan phone number and the intention to seize a certain business field is obvious. However, objectively speaking, the effect is very small. In the post-tang and song era. Baidu’s investment  has become more flexible than before, with a significant increase in small-share investment. And its investment mentality is relatively open. And it no longer intends. To control the invested companies. Agreeing that xiaomi Japan phone number invests in iqiyi and invests in uber is the best example. Take uber as an example, baidu wants to connect people and services. And uber has the opportunity to become a platform. Company that provides a variety of value-added services.

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