The interaction campaign Interaction campaigns are campaigns that Facebook offers to increase interactions likes, comments and shares on a Facebook post. By itself, you will tell me that it is useless because a reaction or a comment does not make money. Yes, but… You probably also know that the more a person interacts with a company on social networks, the more the chances that they become customers increase it is proven. It’s the same with branding. People are more likely to become attached to and remember your brand if they are frequently exposed to posts on your Facebook Page. Sprout Social shows, for example, that offering promotions, providing educational content, sharing interesting visuals and showing behind the scenes content on social media makes us buy more.

Unfortunately, the organic reach on Facebook is so low that businesses are forced to checkout to make visible those posts that influence their branding and the purchase intent of their target audience. Despite all this, some do not believe me when I share all the French Polynesia Email List benefits of interaction campaigns on social networks. The objective of interactions has no impact on notoriety! Said Jimmy. An opinion that I respect, but which I absolutely do not agree with despite the reliability of its sources and I will explain why by A plus B. I will even give you figures. Read on. So why use the interactions objective despite Facebook’s contraindications? Because the rule of 7! This is one of the golden rules of marketing and advertising.

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French Polynesia Email List

A company on social networks

A person needs to see your brand or hear your message at least 7 times before they take action and buy from you. You can imagine that, from this perspective, interaction campaigns make sense IF they are used well . Indeed, I would NOT advise you to target strangers with an interactions campaign all you will reap are cheap likes!, But rather target people who already know you. The goal is to constantly stay in their minds, develop the relationship between them and your business, and ultimately build your brand awareness over the long term. In summary, by applying this method, you are more likely to develop a strong brand in the long term by combining retargeting and interactions with very specific posts, rather than targeting strangers with brand awareness or brand awareness campaigns. Interactions. Anyway, that’s my opinion.

After selecting the interactions objective, the first step is to define your audiences . Having tested dozens of them over the past 12 months, I selected these 4 audiences for my interaction campaigns Fans of my Facebook Page Active newsletter subscribers and customers People who have interacted with my Instagram posts in the past 180 days Website visitors by time spent in the last 180 days 25%, 10% or 5% – depends on how many visitors you have This is what it looks like in my Facebook Ads Manager. Then comes the question of the budget. It of course depends on how much money you are willing to invest each month in Facebook advertising discussed in point 1 of this article .

So how do interaction campaigns work in practice?

As a general rule, I like to invest € 5 day per audience . So, in this case, I would have a budget of my 4 hearings. Currently, I also use the campaign budget optimization option to let Facebook manage my entire budget for me. I have to say this works great to keep the cost per interaction low and let Facebook choose who to show my ads to among people in one of my 4 audiences. For placements, I just target the Facebook news feed. You are free to choose other investments. Personally, I prefer to consolidate all interactions on Facebook. The last step is of course to select the publication s that will be featured. Generally, I select up to 2 publications that have collected an interaction rate higher than my average interaction rate find out how to find out in point 1 of this article .

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