Since I have been a blogger, landing pages have helped me to collect thousands of subscribers to my newsletter and already more than 15,000 downloads for my white papers. See for yourself the conversions on the forms attached to my landing pages. Landing pages are one of the pillars of my content strategy and I used them strategically as soon as I started blogging. It’s normal, I had heard about the effectiveness of landing pages when I was training in digital marketing. However, creating a landing page is not something easy to do. There is a structure to follow for them to be effective and there are some tools that work better than others for creating beautiful landing pages.

It’s normal not to feel comfortable with that. Still, you should be if you’re an ambitious person. If you liked my article, then I really invite you to adopt the mindset of a good seller. I remind you of the 3 traits that, in my opinion, characterize a Switzerland WhatsApp Number List good salesperson A good salesperson shows empathy A good salesperson loves and believes in their own product service would you be willing to buy your product service at this price? A good salesperson offers the best solution to a customer’s problem or need I can assure you that over time you will become more comfortable with selling by practicing it regularly.

When To Publish

I sincerely believe this is the only resource a marketer or entrepreneur would need to run their own profitable Facebook ad campaigns and stay up to date on Facebook advertising. My members know this very well. I am committed to updating this training every year to reflect changes in Facebook Ads and all the tactics taught in this training are the ones I use for myself or my clients . To finish this part, you are also in the manipulation when you overestimate the real value of your solution. For example, you cannot say that your offer is valued at € 10,000 if it is not . Conclusion Every day we are selling us. Even if you are not an entrepreneur, you have to sell yourself at your job and in other everyday situations.

For example, you get into manipulation and no longer into persuasion if you officially limit the number of seats available for your offer, but continue to leave that offer on the market after the seat limit has been reached. You are also in the game if you lie or make exaggerated promises about your solution. It is also not uncommon to see training vendors make absurd promises to sell their programs. Some examples Double your turnover in 90 days Attract customers automatically every day of the year Live the life of your dreams For comparison, here is my sales promise also known as a value proposition for Facebook Ads Academy. There is nothing insane or unfounded in what I said there.

Who Is Your Audience?

If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably realized that ultimately wanting to sell isn’t that bad. It’s just a skill needed to grow a business. But I know that you still have doubts about some sales methods. After all, I just told you about urgency, scarcity, selling after a free conference, quantifying the real value of your offer compared to its selling price, etc. Isn’t that manipulation? This is the question that you are surely asking yourself . and that I was also asking myself. It all depends once again on our level of confidence in your solution . If you know your product service is proven successful, there is no reason not to use these sales techniques. You just have to be careful not to exceed certain limits.

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