Customer testimonial videos have a strong persuasive power due to the fact that your customers have chosen themselves to reveal themselves and share their experience. They are the very representation of social proof that tells us that we are influenced by the behavior of others when making a decision. In addition, your customers will necessarily feel valued to be highlighted, which strengthens their loyalty to your brand. It’s always a good thing that your customer testimonial videos look professional, but it doesn’t have to be. The important thing is the story being told , the doubts they had about your product / service, the results obtained, the change in their life …

These customer testimonials can be found on several pages of your site: The home page The sales pages Product pages A dedicated page (eg: the ” success stories ” page, a “case studies” page) presents to you on the Switzerland Email Database home page of its site how other teams have reviewed their organization thanks to their software. Sam Ovens , a controversial marketer, brings together on a dedicated page of his site (the “Reviews” page) more than 3,700 video customer testimonials! Difficult to make more credible. The King Kong agency has made its clients real ambassadors that you will find everywhere on their website and a dedicated playlist on YouTube.

Switzerland Email Database
Switzerland Email Database

They are the very representation

These video testimonials are also used in their Facebook ads! I will not hide from you that I will also ask my clients to share in video the results they have obtained thanks to my services or my training. You know why now. Conclusion Don’t make the same mistake I made! Invest in video marketing today and, if possible, before your competition does too. I waited too long to get into the video. As I told you at the beginning of this article, I always stopped because of my limiting beliefs (fear of being bad, budget, time, etc.). Either way, you can overcome these fears by preparing yourself seriously (yes, it will take you time!), By accepting that your first videos will be far from perfect or by having you accompany by professionals ( it will take you a while!) .

In this article, I also shared 7 sample videos with you. There are others of course, but I think these are the ones you should produce to begin with. Internet users have less and less desire to read.It is also on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, that Internet users begin (or end) their online shopping experience. According to Big Commerce , 30% of online shoppers say they could order from a social network like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat. And we know from a reliable source (Facebook) that 83% of “Instagramers” say they discover new products and services on Instagram . If I am showing you all these statistics, it is to show you that e-commerce is well anchored in our society and that it will stay there.

These fears by preparing yourself seriously

In addition, social networks contribute to our purchases on the Internet. You know as well as I do that social networks are competitive. Need I remind you how low the natural reach of a Facebook post is today? Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) will suffer the same fate. This brings me to tell you about what I know best: Facebook ads and Instagram ads. They represent an incredible growth accelerator for your e-commerce site, even today, in 2020. According to SEMRush , 50% of e-commerce sites invest $ 1000 or less in paid advertising campaigns. Facebook advertising is surely one of these investments. How do you use it without throwing your money away? This is the purpose of this article: to show you how to use Facebook and Instagram advertising to generate sales on your e-commerce site and retain your existing customers.

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