These people don’t give a damn about your great offers because they don’t even know who you are. In addition, be aware that the big retailers will put a lot of money that day to reach as many people as possible and the costs will be higher to reach these people. The solution is to target people who already know you, trust you and appreciate your brand. How? ‘Or’ What ? If you are familiar with Facebook advertising, you immediately thought of personalized audiences … In other words, you will only target: People who visited your website (up to 180 days) People who have subscribed to your Newsletter or are already customers (customer file) People watching your Facebook / Instagram videos People who interact with your Facebook Page or Instagram account Etc.

During this crazy day, anything goes: Discounts on selected items Free delivery and free returns BOGO offers (1 bought = 1 free) Etc. No wonder American consumers are scrambling or lining up to take advantage! But that’s not all. For some, the party goes on until Monday , nicknamed “Cyber ​​Monday”. In other words, the big brands allow themselves to UK Email List run great promotions for 4 days in the middle of November! In figures, what does that give? For Amazon, Black Friday of the year 2017 was “the most intense day in all of the history” of the French site “with more than two million units ordered during the day”, an increase of more than 40 % compared to Black Friday 2016, as reported by .

UK Email List
UK Email List

You are familiar with Facebook advertising

If you are a retailer, start by thinking about the items you are going to promote on your website. Are you going to promote your entire site or just part of the collection? Some sites only choose a series of articles based on certain criteria. I won’t be able to tell you which ones. Other sites do not take the lead and promote the entire site. For example, e-commerce giant Asos put its entire site on promotion in 2017. Source: Printful Also ask yourself if: Are you going to apply the same percentage of reduction on all items? Are you going to offer delivery? Are you going to offer free returns? The easiest way is to apply a discount to popular or discontinued items .

The Facebook pixel is a tracking code that Facebook makes available to you to track the activity of your website (eg: visits, additions of products to the cart, etc.). For example, if a visitor added a product to the cart, but didn’t purchase, you could show them an advertisement to encourage them to complete their order. Even better, if you install the Facebook Pixel Now on your website, you will be able to show targeted advertising to everyone who visited your site in the days leading up to Black Friday. If everything I just told you seems a bit hazy, I invite you to read my Facebook pixel installation guide in which I explain exactly what the Facebook pixel is and how to install it on your site. 3) Create a strong expectation before Black Friday Black Friday only became popular in Europe a few years ago.

The same percentage of reduction on all items?

Votre prénom Votre email I accept the privacy policy JOIN 20,000+ SUBSCRIBERS One-click unsubscribe. 4) Prepare your ads and emails in advance Now, let’s talk about advertising and email marketing. . Advertising and emailing are obviously the two channels you will use the most to promote your Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday offers. Let’s start with advertising. The Facebook Ads and Instagram help you push your marketing message to people who know you or do not know you. Who do you think during Black Friday will you target? People who know you or don’t know you? I know you already know the answer! During Black Friday, you aren’t going to get bored showing ads to strangers (unless you have a big budget or a strong brand).

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