If you rely on social media to attract traffic, you might be disappointed. The average organic reach of a Facebook page is less than 5% . Look at That’s not all. Look at this study conducted by Shareaholic which shows the decrease in traffic coming from Facebook. Conversely, studies show that emailing is 40x more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. So no, email marketing is not dead! He is still doing very well Maintaining a Newsletter is an ideal opportunity to capture some of the Mauritius Email Lists traffic on your website to create a base of loyal visitors, who will return, week after week, to your site. Your Newsletter is very useful for communicating your new articles, exclusive content and of course promoting your offers free or paid to your subscribers.

Have you already done it? Simply click on the green Create button to start configuring your Facebook campaign. Then you should see this window appear Facebook asks you to choose your campaign goal. A Facebook advertising campaign is no exception to one of the basic rules of marketing determining a goal for your campaign. Driving traffic to your website? Increase your brand awareness? Do direct sales? None of these goals! You want to build your email list. To fulfill this objective, Facebook offers 2 types of objectives Lead generation Conversions The lead generation objective allows you to collect email addresses directly through a form integrated into Facebook. It seems simpler in practice, but the problem is that the email addresses remain in Facebook. To transfer them to your autoresponder, you must use the Zapier application and make the connection between Zapier and your autoresponder.

Mauritius Email Lists
Mauritius Email Lists

What do you want to do ?

As you can imagine, people who like these Facebook Pages might also be interested in your offers. How to do ? It’s simple, go to the advanced targeting section and do a search to find a Facebook Page or a center of interest. The idea is not to select too many centers of interest otherwise the audience will be much too large. For the French market, I like to be between 100,000 and 500,000 people in the audience. In this example, we have defined an audience that is both defined and qualified . There are 180,000 people. This is a very good starting point, even if Facebook tells me that the selection of your audience is quite large. Only, it is not the most precise method and which gives the best results to target an audience.

Your Ad Placement We continue to move forward in configuring your Facebook campaign to build quickly our email list and at a lower cost. The next step is to select the locations where your ads will appear. You may know this, but when you advertise on Facebook, you have the freedom to show your ads on Facebook Instagram Messenger Audience Network quite similar to the display of Google Ads. By default, the automatic placements option is selected. In other words, you let Facebook itself choose the least expensive investments for you depending on the competition, the time of year, your target, etc. You may just not want your ads to appear in Stories, Instagram, or the Audience Network despite Facebook’s good recommendations.

This is a very good starting point

Facebook lets you choose between many ad formats Carousel Single image Single video Slideshow Collection Maybe the carousel ad format is my favorite. Facebook describes it as an interactive format where you can stream up to 10 images or videos , each with its own listing with a unique title, description, and link. The carousel format is more sales-oriented, especially for e-commerce owners. Here’s an example of a carousel ad Single video and image formats are the most classic and effective formats for lead generation . We see them so often that we pay less attention to them that’s only my opinion!. Finally, the collection and Instant Experience formerly Canva formats are more complex to implement and are more intended for online sale.

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