The days when email was enough to move files are gone. Even today’s documents are of high quality and larger in size. For this reason, file sharing tools have become more and more popular over the last few years. This popularity extends not only to personal use, but also to business. These tools provide businesses with a secure and convenient way to share files with teams and, in some cases, clients.

Nowadays, small businesses are increasingly required to access their data on the go. Without a reliable way to sync and share files, you run the risk of working with the wrong files or sharing old project files with clients. The best file sharing tools not only provide an easy way to share files, but they are also an integral part of working with your team. More interestingly, cloud storage tools are rapidly gaining popularity, providing efficient solutions and designed for business-specific applications.

There are many simple and accessible file sharing tools for small businesses, but here you can consider some of them. If you run a small business, this box will definitely help you share, save and sync your files. Provides cloud storage for storing data. It offers unlimited storage at a minimal price. It also integrates easily with Office 365. It also integrates seamlessly with third-party platforms. Philippines Photo Editor

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Dropbox is primarily used by small organizations. The main advantage of this application is that you can recover deleted files within 30 days. If you need to access the oldest version of the file, you can scroll back to the version stored within 30 days. Dropbox allows you to set folders and share files quickly.

If your organization uses Microsoft products, you’re probably using this Microsoft OneDrive for your business. Save the file to the cloud for offline access. Microsoft OneDrive is seamlessly integrated into the Windows operating system. Its main function is the secure file sharing and collaboration that most organizations need.

SugarSync is too simple to save and share files. It is also a cloud-based storage system. SugarSync has some basic editing and collaboration features. Email has some file size restrictions, but you can use Sugarsync to send files with larger file sizes. This application works on many platforms such as IOS, PC, Android, Mac, and even Blackberry. 

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