This is the main benefit of the tool. These two elements are enough to make this offer unique on the market. As you can see with this example, the headline and subtitle should explicitly communicate your value proposition . Let me show you how to write the title and caption for your landing page. The title Once your offer is defined, you need to work on your title. Why ? Because it’s the first thing your visitors will see when they land on your page! With an average attention span of 8 seconds on the internet , your headline should be clear and concise. The fewer words it contains, the better. Always remember that a good title for a landing page Clearly communicates the offer Promises clear profit Like this landing page presented by Hubspot .

Because you only have a few seconds about 8 seconds to capture your audience’s attention. For this, you must clearly communicate your offer and above all promise a tangible result to your audience what is called the main benefit. That’s what your value proposition is for. Please note, this is NOT a slogan. It must answer these questions Show how your product or service free or paid solves a Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List problem. The added value of your offer the main benefit. Explain how your offer is unique and therefore different from that of your competitors. Here is a very good example, Unbounce , the solution I told you about for creating landing pages. Build landing pages fast . All marketers know that building a landing page takes a long time. It’s a problem and Unbounce is helping us solve it. Get more conversions .

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You can see that I explain very clearly where and how to download the guide. I also take this opportunity to invite each new member to join me on social networks. How to create a landing page step by step I think you’ve got it right now, the one and only goal of your landing page is to convert a visitor into a lead . Your landing pages are like digital salespeople who work for you day and night, 7 days a week. Do you want one too? Here’s how to create a landing page, step by step! 1 start with the value proposition The value proposition communicates your offering and how it is unique in the market. It is the most important element of your landing page. Why ?

By clicking on it, I will land directly on the landing page to download the PDF guide. 3 The landing page This is the web page that contains ALL the necessary information about the offer in question, the benefits and a form so that I can provide my contact information. Mine looks like this. By clicking on the Download the guide call to action button, this form will then appear on the Page. Registration is therefore done in two stages. 4 The thank you page This is the page I land on after filling out the contact form. It is this page that will tell me where and how to access my guide, ebook or any other offer I have requested! I also present to you one of my thank you pages.

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The conversion process is the different steps that a user who does not know you will follow to go from point A to point B. I count 4. 1 The offer You browse on a website or on Facebook and you come across an offer. On Facebook, you may regularly see advertisements that provide you with free offers such as a video lesson, free online talk, or free guide. Take my example. It’s me on this ad giving you my guide to Facebook advertising . 2 the call to action It is simply a button placed on a page on your website, blog, or social media advertisement. The purpose of this button is to take you to the landing page. In my example, the call to action button is the little Download button at the bottom right of the ad.

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