Finally, we see that the third ad contains the same teaser as the first, but with an image with a dark blue background… like the one Facebook used before its rebranding. If you regularly advertise Facebook, I recommend that you test your ads and audiences. You would be surprised at the differences in terms of clicks and conversions. Generally, the tests that will have the most impact on the results of your campaigns are those you do on the creative content image, video, the advertising message and finally the audience. Conclusion To conclude this article, we have seen together how the Ad Library is a fantastic tool for observing the ads of your competitors. With this, it should never be forgotten that the best advertisements are those which address the pain points or aspirations of YOUR ideal customer. And that, you cannot imitate it or find inspiration in your competitors.

You need to talk to your customers, get to know them, and do market research. Only then will you be able to write messages that directly impact your target audience and make them want to click on your ad.Since the Madagascar Email List start of this year, I have sent over 408,699 emails! And I don’t even count all the other emails I’ve sent since becoming a blogger. When I first started email marketing, I didn’t know much or much about it. I didn’t know how to structure an email. I also didn’t know how to write subject lines that make you want to open my email… because getting attention is the first step in effective marketing. I had never used an autoresponder and the notions of tags, lists, email sequences were beyond me.

Madagascar Email List
Madagascar Email List

With an image with a dark blue background

I was also afraid of seeing people unsubscribe from my email list. After all, I was working hard to attract my first subscribers to my Newsletter. In short, I had no experience and it was felt! For 2 years, I emailed my growing email list week after week and learned a lot about email marketing. In this article, I’m going to share with you my 7 biggest lessons in email marketing. Clearly, my emails would have been more effective if I had known this before. 1 Choose the right tool hint do NOT base it on the price If you are completely new to email marketing, you must have wondered how I managed to send 408,699 emails in just 9 months! Rest assured, I did not send these emails manually. I am using an autoresponder to send all of these emails to a defined group of people.

This could be my entire list of subscribers or a segment of that list. The autoresponder I use today is called Active Campaign . It is one of the best known on the market, but certainly not the cheapest or the easiest to use. It is not the beautiful or the most user-friendly either, but it is incredibly effective! But, I haven’t always used Active Campaign. For a year and a half I used the best known and most affordable autoresponder on the market for newbies. This is of course MailChimp ! When you look at it, MailChimp has it all Branding is cool. The little monkey that represents the brand is really eyeing us The interface is pretty and very easy to use There are lots of very nice templates for sending Newsletters There is a completely free plan for up to 2000 subscribers! The platform becomes MORE than a simple email marketing tool.

When you look at it Mail Chimp has it all Branding

It also includes the creation of landing pages and other things The problem with MailChimp is that it remains limited in terms of automation and segmentation scenarios when compared to more advanced solutions on the market like Active Campaign , ConvertKit , Drip or Keap formerly Infusionsoft. To come back to my story, I decided to migrate to Active Campaign in early 2019 and it was a real headache because I had to Migrate my email list and keep the same segmentation within my contacts Reproduce all my automated sequences Recreate a new email template Update all forms on my site! This job would have taken even longer if I had to do it today. So, if there is one lesson I learned that day, it is that it is better to choose the right tool directly and not to change afterwards.

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