Creating such a page is not easy , especially if you don’t know how to code. This is where LeadPages comes in.LeadPages is a tool that allows you to create landing pages quite easily and that does not require any technical skills. It is one of the tools most used by bloggers, coaches or experts because it allows you to create pages that are both visually appealing and professional. The feature that really attracts me to this software is without a doubt the hundreds of predefined landing page templates that are optimized for conversions for any type of objective or business. All the templates are classified in different categories consultation, lead generation, contests and or for different areas of activity e-commerce, finance, marketing, health, etc.

It takes an average of 7 points of contact before a complete stranger becomes a customer with you. You can’t depend on one platform to get these 7 touchpoints. For example, your ideal customer might need to read a Greece Phone Number List few blog posts, read customer reviews on your site, and be exposed to retargeting ads on Facebook multiple times before they decide to buy from you. This is why omnichannel marketing is needed today. To be successful, you need to play on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, IGTV, etc. The problem is that it takes time and resources human, financial. In this article, I’ll show you how to spend as little time as possible on it by showing you how to intelligently reuse existing content.


The feature that really attracts

Unfortunately, few content creators including me have the skills to create videos that are both engaging and professional on their own. Alternatively, live video is a good solution because they can be done quite easily and they don’t need to be done perfectly. Here again, brands and content creators are not yet completely comfortable going live. According to Buffer, brands have yet to fully embrace live video in their content strategy. In 2016, only 25% of the companies surveyed had tried the Live experience . In 2017, that number only increased by 30% as reported in Buffer’s annual State of Social Media report . In my opinion, an original solution for companies that do not yet have the resources to make professional videos is to use animated video creation software. The principle is the same as the one I presented to you.

After all, that’s what Hubspot followers are looking for to be educated. And we can see that the commitment is there! Neil Patel also uses Instagram to regularly post quotes from his content or lectures. As you can see, there are different ways to retrieve and repost quotes from your content. With tools like Canva , Adobe Spark, or Crello , you can save multiple reusable quote templates! 4 Cut live video into multiple parts Producing live video is perhaps the best experience you can give your followers on social media. For a long time, they have the opportunity to interact with you live . It was not possible 5 years ago. Today, it has become common. But, how do you reuse a live video that is finished? You can give it additional visibility by sponsoring it .

What Hubspot followers are looking

It took me just 15 minutes, time to cut out the video, write a title and description to accompany the video! On LinkedIn, the video was seen a lot more than on Facebook, but that was already a year ago. I am far from being the only one to reuse my live broadcasts. Eurosport also does this with its weekly broadcasts. During their shows, they generally discuss 3 or 4 hot topics on the transfer window. Once the show is over, they split the video into several video clips of 2 or 3 minutes. Like me, they take care to write a catchy title so that the video is seen more. Of course, this is also a task that you can easily delegate to someone on your team 5 Cut a long video podcast into mini-clips and repost them on social platforms.

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