So what can you learn to write YOUR own Facebook ads? Tip 1 Mention your audience Your target customer sees Facebook ads all day long, whether it’s on their phone in the morning or on the computer during the day. You have to get his attention. To attract attention, there are a thousand and one methods, including this one directly mention your audience in the text of the advertisement. Take this advertisement, which is a perfect example. Who is she talking to ? To people doing Facebook marketing ! It’s not very hard to guess because, from the first line, King Kong has been very clear about who is in the best interests of reading his post. If you target a very specific category of people, you can definitely show them that you are talking to them! On the other hand, avoid questions like Are you a 30-year-old woman.

If you want to know more about the technical characteristics of the Mac, Apple lets you. However, all the technical characteristics of the MacBook are presented one by one on a second web page with a comparison table. Now watch how So Shape describes the Smart Meal that I showed you earlier. In a few words, So Shape describes everything we look for in a meal Complete Fill Up With The Samoa Email List Nutrients You Need Safe Method respectful of European Regulation Effective already more than 100,000 testimonials and transformations Economical around 3 € per complete meal and 1 € per Snack In summary, we can therefore say that the characteristics are what your products do while the benefits are what your products bring to your consumers.

Samoa Email List
Samoa Email List

What can you learn to write YOUR own Facebook ads?

Your job as a copywriter is to be able to answer or contradict these objections. The first thing to do is, as you can imagine, to know his objections. Mattress brand Emma knows full well that it is not easy to order a mattress online, without having tried it. So Emma’s copywriters tell me that I will be able to try their products for 100 nights There is a 10 year warranty Delivery and returns are free The advertising I showed you at the start of this article also relies on these elements of reassurance. Eliminate or reduce the risk as much as possible in order to facilitate the purchase. And, I can tell you that it works.

The best way to make your title clearer is to simply use numbers. Read the headline of Drivy’s Facebook ad . Rent your car and earn up to 150 € rental week. Drivy is not telling me that I will be able to make money by renting my car from their service. They tell me I can earn up to € 150 per rental week. It’s much clearer to me. This ad would be much less powerful if Drivy had just written Make money with your car. In addition to clarifying your titles, the numbers have another power of persuasion that of allowing the reader to better visualize the benefits of your solution on himself. Hubspot got it all in writing this ad.

The goal of this approach?

These companies invest tens of thousands of dollars in Facebook advertising every month, and I’m going to show you what you can learn from their ads. 1 Write Facebook ads like King Kong King Kong is a full service digital agency that operates mainly in Australia. I discovered this agency a few months ago. Frankly, I was blown away by their marketing and branding that literally leaks from their website. Their marketing is well established. Sometimes a little aggressive. But, what is certain is that it is effective . On Facebook, King Kong probably spends tens of thousands of dollars a month! The Facebook ad library shows me that the agency currently runs 151 different ads … in Australia alone. As you might expect, the reason I chose this example is because their Facebook ads are really well written and quite creative, I have to say.

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