The videos look very professional and they are inspiring. They highlight the founder of the company and start by setting the context. Usually, the founder begins by describing his problem. In the video, Ged the client says We weren’t on the Internet. I’ve been seeing their ads on Facebook and YouTube for weeks! Of course, you can guess some of these objections on your own and using common sense, but most of the time you will need to question the main stakeholder your customer.

This is why marketers’ promises work so well! Tip 3 Proudly show off the brand’s personality After only being exposed to Promo’s ads a few times, I was struck by their personality which is instantly noticeable in their ads. When I read and watch their ads, I guess the brand has strong personality traits like Humor Daring Creativity Watch this ad and read the Tokelau Email List first 2 lines. Every second you spend not posting your video ads is money you are wasting. A trivial punchline in itself, but it’s the video that goes with it that makes this ad fun. The video I’m talking about lasts a few seconds, but you can see Benjamin Franklin whose face is on the $ 100 bills wink at you. It made me smile.

Tokelau Email List
Tokelau Email List

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Ultimately, that’s what interests their customers, and not durability or lightness. Durability, lightness, the new soft-touch material are characteristics of the ring. The features describe the ring itself, but they don’t say anything about what they actually bring to the customer. Fortunately, Enso Rings has thought of its customers by specifying that this new soft-touch material and this lightness provide a feeling of comfort and softness customer benefit . It’s a great lesson in copywriting . Profits sell your products, while features describe them. Tip 2 Reinsurance above all else I am sure you have had that lump in your stomach before before you buy online. Are you making the right decision? Will this product which tempts you please? Are you not making a mistake? These days, it is increasingly rare to have this fear.

Let’s face it, it’s no longer an option for a self-respecting company to ignore digital marketing. We have entered a new era the information age Big Data. Companies can no longer ignore the Internet and must somehow integrate digital tools into their systems. Experts speak of digital transformation . People like you and me lived it normally. Over the years, we have started to integrate smartphones, tablets, social networks, social messaging applications, online payment solutions into our lives, so much so that we cannot do without them. Imagine how our lives would be without these new technologies… This is no longer possible. Unfortunately, there are many SMEs that do not yet know how to use social networks, SEO or email marketing to reach the gigantic market of the Internet. And that can be understood.

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Tell stories Talk to your customers about what they want wants or don’t want fears or frustrations Talking to the customer about what he wants, telling stories or even clearly stating the benefits of your products services are, among other things, basic principles of copywriting persuasive writing. Copywriting is the art of writing texts that persuade the reader to take an action whatever it is, you choose. You can choose to learn it once and naturally use these steadfast principles for yourself or your business. I have been writing for over 2 years and have learned a lot about copywriting. Recently, I have started to impart this knowledge and my experience in a new online course, Copywriting Academy. Running an online business is not as easy as you think. If we compare the management and maintenance of a physical business with infrastructure, it looks simpler indeed .

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