Let’s face it, modern retail lives online. That’s not to say the concept of a brick-and-mortar location is outdated or going away anytime soon. Far from there. But ignoring the effect of online retail in 2019 is not only shooting yourself in the foot, but burning your entire business in the process. It’s no secret that online retail is popular and Netherlands Phone Number effective in attracting a modern audience. And there’s no more popular online retail platform than Amazon. But with thousands of businesses competing on Amazon, how can you ensure your business is able to stand out among the crowd. The answer is simple.

Amazon Seo

As the name suggests, Amazon SEO allows you to optimize your Amazon retail listing. This is done in a way similar to regular search engine optimization, in which Google or another search engine (like Bing) will rank your website based on an algorithm that crawls your content and takes note of what you do before making a judgment on where you should go. A typical SEO campaign involves complex issues such as keyword placement, backlink building, and title tag optimization, among a plethora of other main website improvements. Amazon SEO works the same way.

Search Algorithm Works

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Netherlands Phone Number List

As you probably guessed, Amazon SEO determines where your product will land on Amazon’s retail listings. To give a concrete example, someone buying a new chair for their office might type “computer chair” into Amazon. If you are an optimized office furniture retailer. Your Amazon SEO score will determine where that user will find your business listing. Amazon products are displayed in two ways. List views display 15-16 product listings per page, while gallery views have 24-25 products per results page. Once you manage to get a good score for one of your products, it will inevitably draw shoppers to the rest of your products, setting you on the path to brand loyalty.


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