Let’s start with the growth indicators. The first report (left) presents you with a simple funnel. Of the people who visited (or interacted with) your Page, how many went to your website? In my case, you see that 44% of the people who interacted with my Page ended up on my website on average 2.9 days later. Interesting to know. For the rest, you can observe the number of active users for the last 24 hours, user activity for the last 28 days and the distribution by channel. Take into account that you will have different numbers than on Google Analytics because some people are not Facebook, and therefore are not “trackable” by the Facebook pixel. Let’s move on to interaction indicators.

While you might not necessarily want to start a conversation with the people who click on your click to messenger ad, you can also provide a free resource to the person such as a promo code or a free guide. If you also want to Angola Email List set up click ads to Messenger, go read my article on Messenger Ads where I show you exactly how to do it! 4) Integrate a Messenger chat on your website Having a Live Chat on your website is a great tool for chatting directly with your visitors and customers. Many studies show that sites that use live chat have higher conversion rates and a higher percentage of their visitors who come back after their first visit, as eMarketer explains . The problem is, Live Chat solutions are expensive.

Angola Email List
Angola Email List

Integrate a Messenger chat on your website

You can configure Messenger to automatically send a reminder message the day before the appointment and a follow-up message after the appointment (whenever you want). For example, if I was the owner of a hair salon, I would automatically send a follow-up to anyone who made an appointment for a hairstyle through my Facebook page. In this example, I programmed my reminder to be automatically sent 3 weeks after the appointment. The relaunch options natively offered by Facebook are not yet very extensive, but I’m sure they will improve in the months and years to come … Conclusion You have just discovered 5 features and tools to communicate with your customers using Facebook Messenger.

Since the introduction of Facebook Analytics, you can get this kind of information because the tool allows you to very easily bring together different data sources like the Facebook pixel, a Facebook page and an app to give you a complete view of your customer journey. In other words, you’ll be able to track your organic and paid promotion efforts across different platforms and devices. For this, we will have to create a group of event sources (as Facebook calls them). How to configure a group of event sources Fortunately, it is extremely quick and easy to configure your group of SI event sources and only if you already have a Facebook Page (logically yes), an active Facebook pixel (and correctly configured ) and, optionally, an app.

Facebook are not yet very extensive

It’s like a dashboard that contains the most important data for your business. You notice that the data is available for the last 28 days, but of course you can change the period. You will also see the Facebook Page and the Facebook Pixel appear. Nothing prevents you from observing the data from these 2 sources separately! In our case, the event source group mixes both users who have had an interaction on your Facebook Page and those who have been on your website (identified by the Facebook pixel). When you scroll down, Facebook will present you with different indicators categorized into 4 groups: Growth indicators Interaction indicators Monetization indicators People-related indicators You will also see that for each graph presented, you can click on a link “see the full report” to have more information on the data provided.

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