and expectations. Customers feel attracted and identified with brands that show the benefits from the experience. Joy spoke as a housewife and not as a salesperson. making other women like her understand the importance of the product. You don’t have to have fancy ideas to be successful; you just need to know how to sell the solution to a specific need. 2. Build trust and credibility – Thank you for smoking Nick Taylor serves as a spokesperson for the Academy of Tobacco Studies. an entity that conducts research to show that there is no relationship between cigarette use and diseases such as cancer. Being. paradoxically.

an entity financed in large part by tobacco companies. Nick uses certain skills to refer to the results of studies where. of course. the big winner is Dominican republic whatsapp number list the cigarette. Nick then shows off his persuasive skills and ability to sell ideas. But everything will take an unexpected turn. when Nick has to face the good example that he wants to instill in his son. What we learn from Thank you for smoking : Being a good salesperson requires. among other skills . building trust. credibility. power of persuasion and communication. Persuasive communication is essential to generate need. attract audience and gain reputation.

Tolerate The Unknown

We must be assertive in the way we communicate so that the client has no doubt that we are their best option. The personality of a seller must match the values and interests of the company. When these conflict. the seller loses credibility and sales will suffer. 3. Knowing the client is essential – What women want An ideal movie for a Sunday. What women want is a romantic comedy that cannot be missed if you are part of the world of marketing . advertising or sales. It tells the story of Nick Marshall. an egocentric publicist expert in sales for the male audience.

Dominican republic whatsapp number list

who seeks to gain the credibility of his boss by creating an advertising campaign exclusively aimed at women. Due to things in life. he suffers an incident that leads him to acquire the power to read women’s minds. which he uses to his advantage in the company and in his personal life. Will the coveted account win? What we learn from What they want: Successful marketing . the one that attracts customers and manages to capture attention to motivate purchase. lies in the ability we have to know the audience in depth. Knowing their needs. expectations and even fears. gives us the basis to create products or services with value for the client.

Develop The Ability To

Find out as much as you can about who your potential customer is and anticipate their desires. Take advantage of social networks to get to know your target ; they are a valuable tool for segmenting campaigns and better targeting messages. 4. Teamwork as a company – The Goods: Live Hard. Sell Hard Selleck Motors is a dealership that is on the verge of bankruptcy. His owner. Ben Selleck. has to take quick action to get out of the situation. so he brings together his sales team and a friend with some great selling skills to help save the place. To achieve the goal they only have three days. so they will have to do the impossible to meet the goals.

And although at first everything goes well. The second day an eventuality occurs in your sales plan that puts everything at risk. How will they get out of this difficult situation? What we learn from The Goods: Live Hard. Sell Hard : The importance of teamwork and leadership. Behind the attraction to customers and the conversion is a group. Of people who work in sync to meet the objectives. Proper planning of strategies is essential. Although time is pressing. work must be done on actions that can be carried out within the established times. We must have contingency plans that allow us to act in case of any eventuality. We cannot predict whether our sales plan will be hampered by factors outside of our business. 5. Don’t sell products. sell styles and quality of life

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