Now that you know your ideal client a little better, we can move on to the next step in our 5-step plan to define your digital marketing strategy. Are your Facebook advertising campaigns perfectly optimized ? Let’s talk 30 minutes on the phone Our team analyzes the status of your campaigns based on 7 criteria You receive strategic recommendations with the 5 most urgent areas for improvement to optimize your spending BOOK A CALL 2) Do a competitive analysis When you were younger, your parents and teachers probably told you that it was wrong to watch what the neighbor is doing and write down his answers. In a way, they were right: don’t stupidly copy out what your neighbors are doing without thinking.

What subjects do they address on these different media? If your competitors write blog posts, Ubersuggest lets you see their “Top Pages” On social media, you can also find out how your competition is communicating. Take the case of an e-commerce site. Do the Paraguay Email List brands you compete with compete? If so, what type (s) of competition? And with who ? How do they collaborate with bloggers or influencers? Are they doing special promotions for their fans? What does their Instagram feed look like? How are their products promoted? What types of Instagram Stories do they make? Simply answering these questions will help guide your social media content strategy. Analyze their advertising strategy Do you also advertise… and don’t know where to start? Facebook lets you know EVERYTHING about your competitors’ ads: What types of advertisements do they do?

Paraguay Email List
Paraguay Email List

The phone Our team analyzes the status of your campaigns

The best way to find the most suitable marketing channels for your marketing strategy is to separate all potential marketing channels into 3 categories : Owned , Earned and Paid media . There is no official translation for these terms , so let me describe them for you. “ Paid media ” are communication channels that you use at a cost . It is the equivalent of digital and traditional advertising. The ” owned media “, or earned media are communication channels that you own . This is your blog, your social accounts (even if you depend on social media algorithms), your Newsletter, your podcast show or, even, your own website! “ Earned media ”, or conquered media, are communication channels that belong to your customers .

What business can not afford to invest € 300 per month to promote itself on a social network? Since I started my activities, I invest in Facebook advertising and it is only today that I start to increase my investments. The bottom line is that you can start with smaller amounts and then scale up depending on the profitability of your campaigns. After all, if you invest $ 1 in Facebook advertising and get $ 2 back, why not invest more? By paying what communication channel ( paid media ) will you start investing your money? Earned media Finally, I end with earned media , those for which I have the least experience, but which are terribly powerful! I am in a good position to tell you because, from the start, I made myself known by publishing guest articles on blogger sites or media specialized in digital.

What business can not afford to invest?

Of course, Meilleur Biens does not have a blog or YouTube channel, but since the launch of their network for professionals 2 years ago, they have had the intelligence to use press relations to build their reputation in the field. real estate sector. They began by obtaining appearances in specialized media such as ImmoMatin or In recent months, they have mainly appeared on media better known in France such as Maddyness or BFM Business . Michael, the founder of Meilleur Biens, even won the pitch for the Tech & Co show on BFM Business and won over the 2 investors on the set. What a story ! I couldn’t have done what they did because I don’t feel comfortable with traditional media… nor do I have the money to pay myself a PR agency!

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