While the offer was appealing to me, I might not have even paid attention to her request if she hadn’t taken the time in the previous months to make initial contact with me by asking for advice. In his Growth Everywhere podcast , Eric Siu explains how he became friends with Neil Patel and how they ended up collaborating together as co-hosts of the Marketing School podcast (remember, Neil Patel is one of the most influential people in the digital marketing industry, and has been for several years). Eric explains that Denmark Email List he contacted Neil Patel a few years ago by asking him very short and pointed questions by email. In addition, he asked in each email a single question so that Neil could answer more easily. At the same time, Eric was also trying to help Neil Patel grow his business by comparing his ads with those of his competitors.

Building a relationship with someone takes time. Asking for advice and helping out an influencer or expert you admire is a great way to start a relationship with them. Think long term! 4) Offer an interview (go about it this way) Influencers take pride in their accomplishments and most will be happy to tell you about their journey, even if you don’t know them personally. This is why interviews are one of the best methods, in my opinion, to develop a relationship with an influencer. If your questions are well prepared and relevant to their story, the influencer will have fun on their journey, which will allow you to establish an excellent relationship with them.

Denmark Email List
Denmark Email List

The Marketing School podcast

After all, he will have liked your questions very much! Your interview can take the form of a video face-to-face, a podcast episode, or a written interview. To get a favorable response from an influencer when you contact them for an interview, consider these 2 things: If you’re not yet well-known, don’t try to interview the hottest influencers and make the hell out of it. Instead, interview influencers who are a little less reputable, but who are already accepting interviews. You can then contact more famous influencers explaining to them that you have already interviewed other influencers that they surely know. Find a unique angle of approach for your interview. The influencer will not want to do the same interview he has already done with others before you …

Regarding the email (or message) to make contact with the influencer, follow as always the structure that I presented to you in my 1st point and that Brice also followed perfectly! For my new podcast, I plan to send messages following the same structure to my future guests. Whether they know me or don’t know me, I plan to follow roughly the following structure. Another way to use interviews to build relationships with influencers is to conduct round tables . Concretely, it is about an article where you bring in several experts , influencers or personalities in your field of activity. You ask them a question or ask them for an opinion and everyone answers it. I like this kind of win-win collaboration because on the one hand you gain visibility thanks to the notoriety of each expert who participates, while developing lasting relationships.

Your questions very much

On the other hand, the influencer also receives visibility and credit for participating in the article. This strategy is applicable for any type of business. All you need is a blog. For example, if you’re an organic food brand, you could interview 15 healthy eating experts you’d like to meet and ask them a relevant question on the topic. Again, your chances of getting a favorable response are high because the experts love to talk about what they are passionate about! I applied this strategy 2 years ago to promote my blog and develop my network. Look at the kind of email I sent to my future guests (most didn’t know me at the time). A word of advice: always highlight the benefit.

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